Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nancy Noodle Shop

Greetings All~~
I'm making a little plug today for dietitian daughter's etsy shop, Nancy Noodle Shop.
This year she has a few new items including, Dear Santa Mug Rugs. These are so very cute! I made one last fun embroidery. When Santa arrives at your home, he can find his note, cookies and milk on this little quilt.
Nancy has some great Hot Pad Sets in a wide variety of quilted fabric goodness. I hope to receive a set in my stocking from her! It's been so fun to see her skills develop and creativity blossom! Yeah, for keeping the art flowing with younger generations!

I love Nancy's Quilted Selvage Ornaments. This is an original from her. I don't know how she thought of making these, but I'm glad she did! Last year, I had her make several of these for me to give to friends and family. Handmade ornaments are the best. Do you give your kids a new one each year?
Nancy and I made these little Embroidered Tree Ornaments several years back. I was thrilled when she revived the pattern and listed them in her etsy shop. She has a few other sundriestoo, so...
if you are in the market for something original and sweet this holiday season swing by her shop!
Take Care~~

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ugly Fabric???

I don't think it's too bad. We did an ugly fabric exchange in our quilt group. This is the fabric I drew. It is Carolanna's. I recruited dietician daughter to help me out with this one. I sent her the ugly fabric and others to sew up this little zipper pouch. I was so excited about this great idea!:) Daughter was "ok" about it and she was you go...the zipper and dotted lining...
A little Christmas candy to help things along...

A cute piecing strip to add and cover...
The whole pouch...good thing pink is Carolanna's favorite color, that helped too...
I think it turned out so cute. I'm glad Carolanna liked it, too!
Check out what Corrie did here.
Take Care~~
(p.s. the obvious: many different camera settings were used here...variety is good, right?)

Whole Group Shot

Just for the record (and for those who weren't able to attend), here is a picture of the whole group. Many fun and great people! Of 20 grands kids, 9 weren't able to come to the celebration. (Heather was there, taking the picture.)
Take Care~~

60th Wedding Anniversary!!!

This fine couple have been married for 60 years! Wow! Whew! We partied in honor of them.
We smiled, they did too.
We clowned, they laughed.
We posed, they did too.
We traveled, they had to too.
We talked, they did too.

The Lee people-Katie Lee, Gena Lee, Abby Lee and Karen Lee. Lucky (s)!
Yeah for mom and dad. We love you.
Take Care!~~
Edit Add: OK, I need to add here...we ate, yes some yummy food, BUT most important to mention...Gramma Gena's pies. Wow, they are so so delicious! She made 12 pies: Lemon Meriange (sp), Chocolate, Pumpkin and Banana Cream. Oh so good. Thanks Mom.

Halloween {oops}

Oops, I want you to see these cute little visitors we had! on Halloween.
Take Care!~~

Giving Thanks - Thanks Giving

We are all still giving thanks, right? I want to post about this quilt before I'm really late for the Christmas party(s)! Quite a while ago, I purchased a kit from Moda Bake Shop tutorials. The kit contained enough fabric for 2 quilts. This is the second quilt. It sat partially pieced for a long time. Dietician Daughter has been helping me with my unfini projects...this one was completed by her! yeah! (She lets me tend her cute baby in trade. It's a win win for me!)
We gave this quilt to an acquaintance to let her know we think of her and to bring some sunshine into her world.
I love the straight diagonal lines of quilting that daughter quilted!
This friend has survived huge trials, trials of loss in the last few years. She lost her daughter in an accident and her leg from the knee down in the same accident, her marriage, and more. She has endured valiantly. Through her attitude we have been drawn to give thanks and have a perfect example of thanks giving.

The dotted back worked out to be so fun.
This fabric is Verna by Kate Spain from Moda fabrics.

The binding came with the kit.
I'm thankful that we were able to do this little project and that it was well received!
Take Care~~

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nancy Noodle Giveaway

My daughter is giving away one of her handmade selvage ornaments and a set of Going Coastal fat quarters. To enter the giveaway visit her blog here.

Take Care.~~

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summary of Summer

Saw some unique birds in Oregon~
Walked through this round barn in southeastern Oregon~
Started stitching this cheerful quilt~
Purchased the kit too~
Delighted in this fun girl~
Introduced fun girl to my 'oldest' friend, Mildred Howard, she will be 103 yrs old soon!~
Edit: Mildred passed away on Friday, Sept. 30. I am so sad, but I know she was ready and is happier now. ....sure wish I'd gone to visit her in September! :/
"Allowed" this boy to obtain his drivers license~
Thrilled that fun girl permitted my mom to hold her~
Strolled to the water fountains park~
Watched these two play at fountains park~
Amazed that fun girl wants to pick up fallen yucky apples~
Saw these great kids in Oakley~
With their mamma~
Laughed at this little sweetie/fun girl as she went crazy scouting out the interior of my refrigerator!
Photographed right out side my window~
Summer went by SO quickly! the best part...3 weeks with fun girl.
Take Care~~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Outside my window... the petunias are dieing.

I am thinking... about taking a nap tomorrow!

I am thankful for... time!

From the kitchen... homemade granola.

I am creating... embroidery quilt blocks.

I am going... to The Help for the second time.

I am reading... Growing Up Amish and The Necklace.

I am hoping... that sister will be ok.

I am hearing... son practice piano - yeah!

Around the house... there is still so much to do.

One of my favorite things... U Swirl.

Upcoming plans... work day at church for humanitarian services, Women's Fitness Run, Oregon Coast trip, celebrating mom and dad's 60th wedding anniversary!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Photos

Since we were able to have family photos taken recently, I thought I'd show some here.
These were taken on the 4th of July in Logan, Utah. Most of the family attended college here.
This kid is 16 now!

This little girl is the light of our lives!
Take Care.~~