Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flirting With Fall

OK, so I totally copied this idea from Anina. I don't think she'll mind...I hope she takes it as a compliment. I loved hers, pumped her for information, then came up with this table runner. I love it. It was very fun to machine quilt, doing a different 'design' in each strip. While suffering with the flu last week, the B man had to tolerate the hum of the machine and my exclamations of glee after every little strip-quilt-stint in the middle of the afternoon. I like to click on the picture to see the detail and I recommend it to you because my picture taking skillz are lacking.

BUT, yesterday I viewed Jacquie's very pretty runner and now don't love mine as much! Whew, I just can't keep up! I would like to have a table runner for every season or holiday, well... I already do ~ almost...moderation in all things. I used orange and green thread, but wasn't real brave to do it on the ivory colored strips, now I wish I would have. I used a gorgeous fabric on the back (forgot to photo it) that hides the quilting.

Now, can you notice?... this front door ditty is complete with found buttons and hanging apple tree branch? The buttons were lost in that little baggie for 2 months in my hmmm...where else, but my... SEWING ROOM! All this red, white and blue fluff around here is looking like I'm either 2 months late OR 10 months early!!! I'll take the later...

Take Care.~~~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Almost Fall

Red, White and Blue. They really are nice colors together to represent our country. These pretties will be cut up in an effort to refurbish this star. It is a decoration I made for my mom years ago, the old fabrics needed to be changed out. I will show it completed when I get about 50 spirals cut of the new fabric. A LQS offers 20% off all purchases with a birthday coupon. I took advantage of that to a small extent.

This Red White and Blue quilt top has been hanging, completed in my sewing room for a few years. It is soon to be quilted and I can't wait! It was a fun fun quilt to make.

OK, it's a little late, but I wanted you to see our raspberry jam and the cute little flower girl with it. We were very careful not to get jam on that towel. Why do we make pretty dish towels for the kitchen, secretly hoping they won't get stained and dirty? Oh yeah, to hang them on the oven door handle!

Orange Julius is the new great snackie "thing" around our house. The Brettster loves it. He is going down on one here in the garage the first day of school. Quick breakfast!

I hesitate to post this bunch of lovely flowers at the risk of high expectations for the future. Arizona son-in-law had these delivered to my door for my birthday last week. Wow, what a surprise! Utah son-in-law gave me some great fat quarters of cute fabrics, so what's a mother-in-law to do? ... Say...Thank You! Those flowers are Peruvian Lilies, still going strong one week later.

Vegetables! Whew! I started this quilt a few years ago also!!! Finally done! This was one of my very first machine quilting projects. As a whole, the project turned out so so, but I do love the vegetables. (click for a close up of the veggies) I learned not to used lined fabrics for backings, altho this one came out real well ~~for me not knowing WHAT I was doing. This quilt pattern is a Waltzing With Bears pattern, designed by Cheryl Gunn. Cheryl is a designer and works at a LQS. She is always interested in what I'm working on and helps me pick out fabric. She has many very very cute patterns, she is so creative! Look for her patterns in your store.

Take Care~~~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Book Marks, Beautiful Wedding and Flowers

Would you like to see a couple of book marks made from selvages? They were pretty easy to put together. I had fun going through my stash looking for cute things on the edges. The back of the bookmarks is a solid fabric. To make these I followed Anna Maria's general guidelines. Next, I think I will make one like hers with stitching on all four edges.

I treated myself to a pedicure on my birthday this week. These gorgeous pink flowers were resting right there by the entrance. Wow, vibrant color. Not surprising, I do not know what kind they are. They seemed to be the 'fresh from Hawaii' kind!

Last month we traveled across Idaho to Rexburg for the wedding of my nephew. Here is a picture of the Brett with my mom after the wedding. Isn't my mom so cute? (I think Brett has grown 3 inches this summer!) Two of the groom's brothers are in the background. The wedding dinner was catered by Johnny Carinos, as the groom has worked there for a couple of years. Tasty. The reception was held outdoors in a beautiful spot. The evening was so pleasant and enjoyable, a late summer night in Eastern Idaho... Whew! My friend from high school lives only a minute away from the reception spot, so she buzzed over. Needless to say, we had a little bit of fun, eating, goofing around and acting like we did in high school. The coolest thing~just before bride and groom left the reception for their honeymoon, the bridesmaids handed out sparklers and lighters to everyone. We all stood in two lines to form a long isle with lit sparklers. The bride and groom ran arm in arm through the isle of people waving the bright sparklers. All were cheering. The effect was very memorable. What a fun occasion!

I completed a UFO over the weekend. I will show it soon!

Take Care~~