Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Have you ever?:
been glad you have a sister?
enjoyed sorting through button jars?
participated in discussions about everything from desserts to depression? with your sister?
sneezed a lot while sewing?
placed chocolate by your sewing machine, for just in case?
dejunked your stash while looking for that perfect red? or green?
wondered why dishtowels aren't SOFT!?
told a lie? to yourself...while sewing?
mentally bad mouthed the ladies that work at the local quilting store?
not answered the phone...on purpose while sewing?
Apparently! (hear Brian Regan) sewing brings out the very best and some of the worst ...oh well..."It's all good."
This rooster still needs some outline stitching and running stitches on the edges of the towel.
Pink and Blue done and gifted.
Orange for a very fiesty friend's birthday.
Sweet pastels, I think Sister might just keep this one for herself.
Red and white is always such a happy combination.
Homemade Pie just waiting for swirls of french knots for steam. Love that button!
This dishtowel reminds me of railroad engineer's coveralls! made happy with red and white. more stitching for this one too.
Lastly, tan~brown~and blue...have become such a great trio of color.
Thanks for coming Sister, I think you made some great dishtowels.
Take Care~~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Embellished Distowels~February

Another picture of the winter flower! It was a long tall thing...

Little dishtowels for Valentine's gifts, all embroidered and hemmed including some twill tape for hanging. I got the little flower pattern free from a blog.

This red number took much time to trace design on (thanks Nancy) and embroider. Whew all that just for decoration OR fingertips. It was started for Christmas, but served just fine for Valentine's Day.
Next up: more embellished dishtowels. My sister came for a couple of days of sewing. I'll show what she came up with, from my stash (gladly). I got to just kick back and hand stitch.

Take Care~~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

This pretty plant bloomed right in the middle of the winter in the middle of the kitchen! A sweet thing with a lot of character.

I've decided~ catching up and keeping up with that kid in the middle will be impossible from here on out. Literally and figuratively. I'll spare the basketball game photos, but we did enjoy attending many this winter.
Corrie, yes this is THE Corrie of Quilt Taffy!, came to quilt group at my house! She brought her beautiful Dresdens On Top tablerunner and told us how she made it. I adore that tabelerunner. Corrie does a giveaway every Thursday on her blog, guess what for??? QUILTING FABRIC!!!
A new stitch! Crochet stitch! yes, I've loved doing Xs and Os around all the baby blankets for the last several years, BUT now I've employed a fun new stitch. I kyped this from Mary at quilt group. I think it is called the Cowboy stitch. (I never seem to be able to get good photos of the crocheted baby blankets.)
This one is of Riley Blake fabrics. A new up and rising fabric company based out of Utah.
Cowboy Stitch I love you. You go so fast too.

Stayed tuned for more: February, March, etc. EEK!~now it's May!

Take Care~~