Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going Green!!!!

Using up stash is a great feeling. Backing/binding fabric was the only purchase I made for this family reunion "raffle" quilt. Green is a versitile color: can be feminine or masculine, green in nature is pleasing, it doesn't offend, is not over bearing, it feels fresh! The only drawback to GREEN is that green and envy are friends. However, I don't think anyone was envious of the winner of this quilt. Many did admire and comment favorably over the green quilt and helped to tie the knots with Green Pearl Cotton, and at $0.50 per chance, the names were placed in the basket. The winner...the family member who had 40 chances in with with a $20.00 bill. (Yes, she did write her name 40 times on 40 little pieces of paper.) All total there were 24 other names in for the drawing. This gave the maker of this quilt a little wiggle room to purchase the needed batting and thread. Enjoy the greens from my stash and my favorite color! "MY JEALOUSY" (Natalie Merchant is a favorite artist of mine and I am jealous of her talent.) has been shipped off the lucky Sandy in Sandyeggo, CA. ~~Take Care.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Giveaway, But not Here

Heather at Anka's Treasures is having a giveaway! She is a designer. There are some great quilts on her blog. Whew. I love quilts that have the scalloped edge. Someday I want to make a quilt with that kind of a finish. When you go there, comment to win, and please tell her that "I sent cha!" I will then get entered again! The competition feeds off each other.
I've sure been enjoying reading everyone's comings, goings and doings. Nedra, Kim, Nanette, Pam, Nancy, Stephanie, Kathi, AmandaJean, Judy, Cheryl and are my social life, my entertainment! Thanks~~it is great!
I've been sewing some too! I will show all soon!
Thanks for the fun!
Happy Summer Ending...
Take Care.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Cheryl is a hot shot getting that cute name for her blog! Go there to read how it all happened and to enter her giveaway! She is a cool lady and fun to read. This is her blogging birthday. Man would I love to win those fun gifts she has pictured!!! Good luck (not really tho').
Here's hoping for some great rainy days ahead to get us some more water and to bring in a beautiful Fall. Sorry Summer, don't mean to offend but you've melted me enough, I'm ready to bid farewell to you.
Take Care.
~D Spack~

p.s. Umbrella Girl~~quilt by Karen McCarter.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Won, I Won, I Won, I Won!!!

Hey, I'm very excited! I finally won a give away! Wahoo. Terri and her dad, as a guest writer, do a great blog. They are at Purple and Paisley, she is forever changing her header, she must be very computer savvy! Not like me. Terri's dad is a crack up!!! Thanks Terri and Terri's Dad! :) Can't wait to get the Quilt Catalog! Thank You Much!
Take Care.
D Spack