Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter~Summer~Quilty In Between

Didn't it feel great to have an 'extra' day today~ to get a lot done??? Wish I would have...I know it snowed somewhere today because Judy said so. I love winter, but soon it's good-by. Summer is close at hand, which I don't much care for, but how about a little quilty to make it all good? The sweet birdhouse chimes are from my parents when they were living in Missouri. The patriotic chimes were made by ds in first grade. They rend a totally different sound than the small snowy bird abode. Occasionally we brush by these in our comings and goings, I hear twinkle or clank, I know someone is there. The small quilt in the middle was not handmade by me but hand purchased by me at On The Avenue in Logan, Utah. (i had a coupon:)
I love the little stitches.
Take Care. ~D Spack~

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Blooms

Sweet Crocus~ right out the front door~ two days ago~
This is my little 'flimsy' I finished this week, just in time to show at Material Girls (quilt group I attend). There are little vintage fabrics here. I "swirled" something different in each square, just havin' fun. I ordered this fabric from Kelly. It included the binding and backing fabrics. I LOVE that backing and border fabric. OK, I think I'm collecting enough baby quilts...

At quilt group, at least one person shows a great bag that they have made. There are so many cute ones out there and fabulous fabric available ~~how to choose??? But I would like to make one, I think? Take Care. ~D Spack~

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three Little Quilts

Finally done: Ragged Hearts Quilt. It was fun to make, in spite of machine problems. For the batting I used the fusible iron type. It worked up pretty well, no tucks. This is the third project I've quilted on my machine. What an adventure!

Baby Vintage Squares: another fun to make, raw edges, 2.5 inch squares, drew a grid, used a glue stick, one step quilting top batting and back, split a jelly roll with 2 other people.

Baby's Day: This quilt is 9 embroidered blocks bordered with gender neutral fabrics. I enjoyed collecting each fabric. Local quilter, Cheryl Gunn of Waltzing With Bears created this original pattern. I used machine and hand quilting to complete this quilt. I tied french knots at each rick rack curve to hold those down when it gets washed!
Quilts are very difficult to photograph! Babies would/will be much much easier!!! I'm thinkin' I need a grand baby real soon. ~~Take Care. ~D Spack~

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Been Too Involved...

I've neglected my blog. ...been too involved reading all of yours~~here, here, here and here! I'd better get back here more often! I didn't even wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Intentions were to post the cute valentine's quilt that I've been working on, BUT problem after problem has prohibited the completion of that cute little item. Last known issue (at midnight last night), my sewing machine was sounding 'bound up' and not going well... I'm hoping Monday morning will be a 'better day' for the sewing machine. It's pretty hard, but I try not to enter the sewing room on Sundays. I figure Sunday's should be a "special" day. I try to do things on Sundays that I don't other days, and not do what I do on all the other 6 days. Make sense? I should stay out of the computer room on Sundays also.

I'd like to show the Delft Blue and White scarf I crocheted. (Crochet and crocheted are wierd words~~how about crowshae and crowshade? much better :) All the athletes coming for the Special Olympics that will be held here in Idaho, will receive one of these scarfs. A young man that attended my home preschool years ago, is sponsoring the scarf making as his Eagle Scout project. It was fun to be able to participate, even doing just one. ~~Take Care~~~

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lemons From The Lemon Tree

Never having lived in Arizona, I am in wonder over the fruits from there. Namely lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Color, texture, taste are all exquisite. Nancy brought 6 lemons home with her at the holidays time. The tiniest slice in my morning smoothie is zingy, but the best came with this Angel Lemon Cake Roll that I just created this week. Nice. Those lemons have been in the refrigerator so long, and still yummy. Friend km returned from AZ also with grapefruits that are good to eat, I'm not a fan, but I do know these are, from personal experience!
Little Aggie A snowman is no more. We have some frequent doorbell ditching going on at our house. Saturday night they struck again and pushed our little 'A' snowman (pictured below) right over after giving a loud knock-knock on the front door. Problem is~when those "kids" strike, it scares me spitless!.. can still crochet tho'...

Christmas Out of My System

Getting Christmas out of the system is hard when I keep wanting to sew these pillowcases, snow keeps coming and we receive a late Christmas/Happy New Year gift. We love hot chocolate around this house. Thanks to sister Karen and her family for the neat hot chocolate maker. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I'll put the pillowcases in the cedar chest~not to be forgotten for Christmas gifts in 10 short months, keep enjoying the snow and hopefully get my Valentine Ragged Hearts Quilt quilted! I'm certain it would be done but I'm reading Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards. She is a commendable writer.
Someday soon we should have a giveaway here!!!!