Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ants and More

Conjuring up a great post title is challenging. Let's just go with "ants and more" this time. Every January they show up. They appear in several rooms right after Christmas, staying around for several weeks. Here you can witness them enjoying the afternoon on the hard wood in the entry.

I've loved to crochet for many years, mostly the edge on flannel baby blankets. It is so nice to always have a project to grab to take along for basketball games (it helps the nerves), riding in the car, waiting in the car and visiting on the couch. Pictured are several blankets in process or completed. They make great baby gifts, at least I hope the people I give them to think so...

With the help of blonde friend, Valentine Square number 1 got 'fixed". I had the top right fourth of the block turned the WRONG WAY by one quarter turn. Glad we got that figured out, or this would be one wonky valentine quilt. I can't wait to get it done and post it here.
DD #2 has posted the full picture of the Christmas Eve Snowman. I will show the very last remnants of him one month later. To achieve the purple hair, they filled a spray bottle with water colored with food coloring! This guy was in the backyard. With all the snow we have received these last few days, I've been begging ds to make a cute little snowman in the front yard, scarf around neck included. maybe tomorrow....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Valintine Oops

Hi. Brett here, i am the kid that's twelve --my mom is doing a ragged hearts valintine quilt (like i care). It is where u collect "cute" red and pink fabricks, kut them into hearts then sew them on top of each other (don't kare-whatever), kut them apart then sew them together (again). for some reason this one didn't work out. Mom and Blonde gurl friend are getting together monday!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe then they will get to the heart of this...
~B $p@ck~

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wacky Things I Do

Is it forgetfulness, spaciness or what? I thought I would use my good old breadsticks recipe to make cinnamon rolls. They turned out just ok. The main problem was that I rolled the dough the wrong way! I guess you could say the hamburger way instead of the hot dog way. I realized it half way through when I was getting ginormous rolls and only about six of them. Sooo I unrolled the remaining and rolled it the correct way. You can see the varieties and sizes here. The inside~out rolls are the after 'the unroll' ~rolls. I frosted only half of them because Brett likes frosting, but the other guy around here doesn't care for frosting. They got eaten. Continuing with the theme of this: I was looking for the powered sugar, perplexed that it wasn't in the cupboard. I knew I'd used it only 3 days earlier. Well~open frig~there it was, in the refrigerater! ~~been there for~ yeah~3 days. I won't elaborate any further ~ there are more incidences. My blonde friend claims that she lost brain cells with each pregnancy (4 for her). For me~no explanation, yet.
This little vintage postcard was found in my dear grandmother's treasures after she passed away in 2002. She lived in Malad, Idaho (woowoo). I spent much time there with her as I was growing up. I am her oldest granddaughter. I received some of her fabric, sewing notions, an old quilt, crochet thread and even a box of prairie points ready to be put on a quilt, which I've only ironed, so far. Can you spy something peculiar on the Christmas postcard?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Love Pillow

The "love" pillow in my first post is not pictured well at all. Nancy, the Arizona daughter, has it pictured on her new blog. If you would like a better view click here.It is a block from the Bareroots pattern, You Are Loved. She also has an interesting recipe there today.
Take Care.
~D Spack~

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Too Scared

I want to do another post, I have the photo(s), BUT I'm too scared. My son isn't here and is too busy to help me. How do you like that, kids busier than parents? I'm not confident enough with the picture part of this whole adventure. If I tried it right now on my own, it would take me an hour. We quilters just don't have that kind of time~~Right? I'll get there...
Last night I was up late cutting and creating. I'm doing the JOY pattern by Thimbleblossoms. Most often, cutting takes longer than the actual sewing for me. I've also been making Christmas pillowcases, not late~ just early. I want to get these Christmas things done while I'm "in the spirit" and while Christmas fabric is on sale!!! For Valentine's Day, I'm seriously eyeing the Raggy Hearts quilt that Cheryl posted over on her blog at polkadotsandrickrack. (See I don't even know how to post a link!)
Monday night my good ol' Singer konked out. It needed two new gears. I found a gentleman right here 4 minutes from my house that fixed it right up in no time. Good for another 31 years! I am thinking about sewing machines for my two college daughers. He advised me on what to get~he has been in the business for many years. Thanks Scott.
Take Care~~maybe I'll be back tonight with some photos~something vintage ~~again...
~D Spack~

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Amber's B-Day Today ~~ Mitten Pillows

Today my oldest daughter turns 26 years old. Happy Birthday Amber ~ we hope you are having a great day down there in cold college town. I sure have happy memories of your day of birth ~~ I was in heaven being a mother.
A few years ago I embroidered 2 sets of three mittens on muslin. Those mittens have been in my unfinished projects box waiting to be "pillowed". Recently a couple of friends helped me choose fabric for these and I set right to work. I was able to get these two pillows made and displayed. I put them together in differing ways and sizes. Why two pillows you ask? Perhaps one for each daughter, hoping they like them and that they both don't like the same one. When I asked each dd(separately) which one she fancied most ~~you guessed it ~~ they both like the same pillow most. I'll show both of them. You can see which one you prefer!
Take Care.

Vintage Christmas Girl

A few weeks before Christmas I saw this sweet little girl in town. She appeared to be bustling on her way to decorate a door for Christmas. She was so cute, I picked her up and brought her home with me. She didn't seem to mind being at our house for the holidays. I took her to a quilting party with me and showed her to everyone who came by to visit. I kept her in sight always, delighting in her sweet nature and innocence. She was good to stay put and didn't mind me taking lots of pictures of her.

That early December day I had trekked to the quilting store only to find it closed. Four doors down from the closed store I spotted a small place with "Tis The Season" above the door. I hopped in to see what might be there. I found myself browsing second hand Christmas decorations! hmmm not something I was in the market for, but neat little candy dish....I knew we'd be eating lots of candy~~we needed something to hold all those tasty morsels. Naw, I don't need a cute little dish, even though I do love random little dishes from second hand places. Look again....that is a darling little Christmas girl. Price on back $4.00. OK I'll take it! The elderly gentleman running the store was very appreciative of my purchase. Happy customer. This is how the little Christmas girl came to be at my house.

Take Care. ~D Spack~

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year ~ Nancy's Pillow

Whew, I think I made it --with the help of ds--I have a blog!
For several reasons I begin these is my wish that I write to the good and benefit of others ~~at the same time accomplishing my purposes.
With a new year, it is time to get some resolutions started and challenge myself to accomplish more this year. One of my goals: Read 12 books this year, average one per month.
I won't divulge any others because...what if I don't accomplish them? I wouldn't want anyone to know! While dd's were home we tried to complete a few projects. Here you will see a pillow that Nancy made. (if the picture is here) I helped a little. I hope she doesn't mind me showing it to you. Happy New Year 2008 to all.
Thank you for visiting.
Take Care~~
D Sp@ck