Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding Picnic

OK let's get some of this down on "paper". When we were making wedding plans, we talked of what to have here in Eagle. Amber has been gone from here for eight years. She did not want any of us to spend a lot of money on the wedding. We wanted Tanner to meet people here and vice versa. We talked of sponsoring a large wedding shower, but that wouldn't include the men folk. A couple of years ago, when Morgan, Amber's friend in high school, got married, she had a barbeque in the backyard. Amber really liked it, so we decided that was the thing we should do. Amber called a friend's parents to ask them if we could have it in their backyard. They kindly consented. It would be held the weekend after the wedding (after the newlyweds honeymooned in Colorado). We invited old friends, high school friends and their parents, and neighbors. Fifty all told. We had 43 people attend. (In the above photo, the Brett man had changed into basketball shirt and shoes, leaving dress pants on. Previous to that he looked so great with a green shirt, black tie and dress shoes. Oh well, what's a mom to do? I had to let it go, it wasn't life threatening and wasn't morally threatening.)
We used the linens and table decorations from the Utah reception. I picked up fresh white mums, daisies, some greenery and we cut some white lilacs that day(stolen goods!). My good friend decorated the tables for us. We used some paper lanterns and pictures from the wedding, etc. for other decorations around the patio. We collected tables and chairs from the church.
Our menu was: Pulled Pork, Rolls from the bakery, Fresh Fruit, Sun Chips and Guaco Chips, a side salad and Key Lime Pie or Angel Lime Dessert. My blonde friend took care of the meat for us, my ever so cheerful friend cut up all the fruit and arranged it on two beautiful platters, my running friend made two desserts and the gal I work with ran the kitchen. To serve the dessert, we used various random green plates. When Amber requested Key Lime Pie for dessert, this idea of serving it popped into my head, she liked it, so we went with it. We gathered plates from Good Will, D.I. and from friends and neighbors! Some of them were even green glass vintage. It was a fun little pursuit. Nancy will tell you of our Key Lime Pie dilemmas. The best recipe can be found with her. I will post the Pulled Pork recipe when I get it again, if you all are interested. It was good and easy. We had one spoonful left in the end. Everyone loved the guaco chips, the fresh fruit was sweet (it all came from Costco), the Key Lime Pies went fast. The side salad was a bit of a different way to do salad. We had it at the place settings to begin the picnic, that way people could start with salad as others were going to the serving tables. It was a fun little salad. We put a hand full of red and green 'greens' on the plate, then to the side a little bunch of craisins, cashews, small carrots, grape tomatoes and olives with a clump of clover sprouts top and center. I had some vintage tea cups with plates to put the dressings in. We just used Thousand Island and Brianna's Poppy Seed dressings. Because Brett loves Jones Soda and it is Tanner's last name, we served several flavors of Jones Soda for the drink. How easy was that! AND I found out that Tanner likes Jones Soda also. Tanner and Brett had four cans in one night! This little event was very casual and fun. It came off with lots of help from dear daughter, family and friends. Doing something for the first time is always daunting for me, but after it's over I feel like I could do it again, no sweat..Sooo, now, anyone need an outdoor wedding picnic???? Let me entertain you~~~
(speaking of sweat~96 degrees here that day~that was the only bad part~I wilt in the heat~summer not my fav.)

A friend of the happy couple gave them HATS for their wedding gift!!! Novel. Looks like Amber might go cowgirl on us!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Quilt A Long

This "place" has some good tutorials, a sampler block quilt-a-long in November and a star block quilt-a-long going now. If you are interested in doing some cute quilt blocks, take a look here. It is possible to view the blocks that other quilters are making, also. There are always many ideas and options on other's blogs, which help the creativity get going. Have fun.
Take Care~~~

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Made A Bag

This bag was not the easiest thing I've ever made. I like it, but seems like it would be wrong to use it for the chance of it getting dirty. Hmmmm, love/hate with bags. There are so many cute ones out there, but not all are functional and what if it needs to be washed! They never look as nice after a washing. Last week while married/no more college/no more internship girl was home, she sewed up two bags that you can view on her blog. They are cute bags...covered buttons are fun to make and use. Her bag fabrics are by Amy Butler.

Ok onto other things now. Quilt group is next week. I need to get going on the past two friendship blocks we've done. I'm behind. When completed I'll show those here, if I remember to take a pic. I'm planning to start a "quilt along". This nice person has two to choose from. Deciding what fabrics to go with is tough. I've been peeking at quilt market pictures on everyone's blogs. Would have liked to go. But then there is always something/someplace I'd like to be going to: i.e. quilt shop hops, quilt shows, quilts walks,women's programs, etc. If I did all of that, I wouldn't be able to be a wife, teachers aid, mother of the bride, mom of a thirteen year old stinker, blogger, and a 'caring for others' person.
Take Care~~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Amber and Tanner's Wedding Day

Friday was a great day in many ways. Amber and Tanner seemed so happy! They were very cute together. Amber was a beautiful bride. Pictured are bride and groom with happy parents.

Nancy, Travis, Brett, Amber, Tanner, Father of the Bride and Diane.
Amber didn't wear a traditional wedding dress. She purchased this white dress that is absolutely gorgeous! I hope she can wear it again sometime. Her bouquet was made of white flowers, Stock and Freesia. We woke up to rain rain rain in Logan, Utah. By the time this picture was taken, mid afternoon, the wind was whippin'. Not good hair conditions...oh well what can I do. It looked pretty good at 9:00 a.m. Amber doesn't have to worrying about her hair, she has thick curly "good hair".

Brett has now experienced both sisters marrying. He now has two great brothers! and loves it!!! We are happy to welcome Tanner into our family, if he can stand us...?

The evening reception was to be outside by the creek, but in the a.m. the decision was made to set it up indoors. It was still very nice. Tanner's parents and family did so much to make it happen! Thank You to the Jones family! We enjoyed seeing relatives and old friends at the reception, even tho' we don't live in Utah. Amber chose colors of black, white and various greens. This Saturday we are sponsoring a picnic/barbecue for Tanner and Amber here at home. Still lots to do...
Take Care.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today is this cute girl's 24th birthday! Hope she has a great day down there in sunny AZ! We miss her, BUT get to see her tomorrow! in Utah, then she's home here for a whole week!!! Yeah!
Do you ladies wonder what it's like to be 24th again? Do we even remember anything about being 24??? Take Care.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cold Cold Flower Day

Just thought I'd go to my stash for some flowers in May. May is not showing up outside yet. These florals are some of my favorites. Hopefully, you can click on them to see up close.

Aren't those little kids cute? I got that fabric at a giveaway at quilt group one day from Kathi, our leader. We had a guest speaker at quilt group yesterday, Karen MacCarter. She is a superb quilter. Karen told us of her quilting journey and showed us several of her many many quilts. She talked of her beginnings in wanting to make a baby quilt for her son. She appliqued with polyester fabric! It was what was available. Several of you quilters are working on the Dear Jane quilt (click on it for close up). Karen has one done and is hand quilting it now.

I LOVE this little bird! I could make a whole quilt in this little block, with each bird a different fabric. If Nanette sees this birdie she might like it too! ...this little bird is in a quilt that Karen has had for several years that was a 'group' quilt.
I think it is such a great one! I love to just gaze at all the various squares. (click on it too!!!)

We had a three inch flannel squares exchange at quilt group a couple of months ago. Some made a snowman quilt with their squares, I just wanted to do a small quilt with my flannel squares. I sewed them into pair strips then used the 'quilt as you sew' method to put them together with the batting and backing. It was a hassle, difficult to match the corners. I used fabric from my stash for the borders, they are all different. I think I will do some hand quilting on the borders with pearl cotton. I may just donate this quilt, we'll see. Take Care.