Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daffodilhill Giveaway

Isn't that a great name?: Daffodilhill. I like it and I like that I won the giveaway that Candice sponsored last week! I received these four lovely Michael Miller fabrics. I promptly sliced off the selvages to send to the selvage girl. She will be getting a colorful selvage that reads "Groovy Guitars"! Now I'm hoping to make good use of those fabrics, good in the eyes of Mr. Anonymous because he plays the guitar fabulously (and slightly distains my sewing fettish...I'll show him!).
Thanks Candice. Go see her etsy shop.
Take Care~~~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walkin' in a Spiderweb...

Piecing these spiderweb/stars is fun and quick. I've used many of those little scraps that are stuffed into that top drawer...the triangles derived while making binding, leftover strips from log cabin blocks and strips of backing trimmed from a quilted quilt. I've done one of every basic color, now I need to do tan and gray, a red-yellow-blue block, a red and aqua block, etc. or should I? Maybe I should just keep the blocks these basic colors, repeating them. What do you think?

I have some time to think about it and get your input because I'm not home at my sewing machine, I'm in AZ., could be at Nancy's sewing machine. However, we are playing which does include traipsing to quilting stores (some in Albuquerque. N.Mex. and in Phoenix). I really shouldn't let you know how many quilting stores I've been to in the last week. I will tell that I haven't purchased at every one of them. I will soon return to my home and sewing machine, but for now we are dreaming and scheming the next few quilting projects.
Take Care~~

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I know I need to do a post, BUT it's just easier not to, it's selfish of me, and lazy, really. Plus, I'm still struggling with managing pictures, even after a live tutorial from this patient girl. I love reading all of your blogs, it is so fun. I should reciprocate. Time is another factor. Doing one blog post takes me too long, longer than it should. After I read from the great list of blogs that I keep tabs on, it's time to stop staring and start sewing! The patient girl said, "mom, you need to do another blog post." She then gives me ideas of what to post about. In November, after a unique adventure with my son in law (her husband), she said that I should have blogged about it...well yes, it was fun~ the poor kid~went to a rock concert with his mother in law. He and I dashed out the door a little before 9:00 p.m. the night of the COLDPLAY concert in Phoenix, arriving right after they had taken the stage. We had determined what price we would not go above if given the chance to buy tickets from scalpers. Well, we were given that chance, dickered a little, didn't go above the predetermined amount and entered the concert at a very brisk pace! We walked and walked to find our seats, getting closer and closer to the front of the stage! Wow! we had AMAZING seats! By now I was so nervous, hanging onto Travis, he probably thought he was loosing his arm. Coldplay does an amazing show. I've been a fan of theirs for quite a while, so I really loved being able to see them in concert. I think the aunt and patient girl who both opted to stay home, were pretty bummed they hadn't joined us on this adventure. Anyway...back to ideas for blogging...there are many! I will try to be better~~~
This kid has been playing basketball. I snapped this blurry photo at the very end of the very last game right before he went into the locker room. As I'm following the team into the locker room, his teammates were saying, Brett! your mom wants to take your picture! so he turned around. (He already knew, he was just ignoring me!)
My sister and I had a day of hanging out with each other. We went to The Gathering Place in Rupert, Idaho. It is a huge quilting store. Be prepared to be overwhelmed, if you go there. We found a big scrap bin with bags, you know the deal, fill the bag with as many scraps as you can fit into it and buy it for $5.00. We set forth layering and rolling precious pieces(some big) of lovely scraps. We inserted and re-inserted the rolls three times. At one point the bag began to tear. As the saleslady walked by, we cowered a little until she encouraged us to get as many in there as we could and to get a new bag since it was tearing, which we did. Here you can see all the many scraps that we fit into a lunch size paper bag. Laid 'em out and counted them: 50 different fabrics and 80 3 inch squares already cut! {these figures were jotted down on my In-N-Out Burger hat, where I hope to be able to enjoy a burger again in two weeks, when I go see patient girl and rock concert son in law.} I have just always done a lot scrappy quilting. I was pretty astounded when I learned that quilting fabrics come out in 'lines'. And whew, some of those lines coming out right now are so great!, but I still love scrappy piecing and quilts. edit: the selvedges in the center and thread were not in the scrap bin, just waiting to be sent to patient girl for her sewing.
At Material Girls this month, I received my friendship blocks back from the ladies. This was a favorites request, I asked that the ladies use their favorite fabrics and bring 2 raw edge quilt blocks. They are lovely. Now I'll need to figure out how to put them together in some kind of a quilt!

Take Care.~~~