Friday, September 23, 2011

Summary of Summer

Saw some unique birds in Oregon~
Walked through this round barn in southeastern Oregon~
Started stitching this cheerful quilt~
Purchased the kit too~
Delighted in this fun girl~
Introduced fun girl to my 'oldest' friend, Mildred Howard, she will be 103 yrs old soon!~
Edit: Mildred passed away on Friday, Sept. 30. I am so sad, but I know she was ready and is happier now. ....sure wish I'd gone to visit her in September! :/
"Allowed" this boy to obtain his drivers license~
Thrilled that fun girl permitted my mom to hold her~
Strolled to the water fountains park~
Watched these two play at fountains park~
Amazed that fun girl wants to pick up fallen yucky apples~
Saw these great kids in Oakley~
With their mamma~
Laughed at this little sweetie/fun girl as she went crazy scouting out the interior of my refrigerator!
Photographed right out side my window~
Summer went by SO quickly! the best part...3 weeks with fun girl.
Take Care~~


Nancy said...

More fun to come soon!

Allie said...

Looks like the perfect summer to me! The kids are just darling!

Nanette Merrill said...

Our granddaughters are just alike. It makes me laugh. They are darling girls. I wish they were friends!

karen c. said...

I am sad about Mildred Howard. Did she make it to 103?

Aysha's Blog said...

Sounds like a fun Summer!!! Kennedy is SO SO SO cute!!!!!

kimandwendy said...

Cute blog post! Looks like lots of fun! And Kennedy is darling!