Sunday, December 21, 2008

December Happenings

The recurring theme is my head is: 'I can't get into the sewing room!' or 'Another day gone by and I didn't get to the sewing room!' ugh BUT~there have been some other goings on that we've enjoyed. There's my graduate. We were able to travel to her graduation last week. She earned her MASTERS in Engineering! How do these kids do it? Needless to say, we are pretty proud of her and what she has accomplished these last several years since graduating from high school. I feel like claiming her as my graduate, but her father and husband both could also say the same.

With both girls gone, I've been relegated to all the decorating for Christmas. This little wooden Nativity is one of my favorites. I have it place on the piano in full view. It was an unfinished project, until two years ago, my friend named Kathy helped me finish the little threesome.

I'm on a Cinnamon Roasted Almonds kick! These little morsels are easy to whip up and nice to have on hand to give in bags tied with sweet ribbon. I love the parchment paper use in making these. So slick to just pick 'em up off the pan and cool, then throw the paper away. Great clean up trick!

While traveling to said graduation, I made these folded paper ornaments. Stolen idea from howaboutorange. They are fun. I don't have them hanging on the tree, just stacked on a cake plate. I wish I could show you every ornament on my tree! They are a collection of 28 years.

There is a story to almost every ornament~they are so cool.
Speaking of tree, Mr. Anonymous and I went up to the hills, picked a tree, cut it down, drug it out, tied it up and brought it home!!! This activity has been a family tradition for the day after Thanksgiving. The kids have really enjoyed it! Here he is "tagging" it.

I have a friend named Mildred, who just celebrated her 100th birthday on November 28. She was able to attend a Christmas Dinner at the church with me. I wasn't sure she'd want to go out in the cold, go out at night or go to a place where she didn't know anyone. She accepted my invitation and off we went. She really had a good time, enjoying the food and program immensely. Mildred gets around really well. She only occasionally uses a walker and pretty much takes care of herself. She is an avid reader. I've know her for about 5 years, she lives in an assisted living facility very close to my home. A funny thing that happened to her recently: she slipped down in the small space between her bed and the wall in her room. She couldn't get herself out and didn't have any way of getting assistance! She had to wait there until one of the employees came looking for her in the morning!!! She just laughs and laughs over that.
For 18 years now, my blonde friend, my energetic friend (me) and friend named Kathy and I have met together for a Christmas luncheon at the beginning of December. Here is a picture of the four of us this year. These are great ladies for whom I have a fond place in my heart. Energetic friend is the hostess for these luncheons. At my request, we repeated the menu from last year ~ this year. It was so so delicious that a repeat was warranted. Menu: French Onion Soup (with bread and cheese-you know...), Macaroni Fruit Salad w/ Cashews, Pomegranate Spinach Salad, and Chocolate Praline Carmel Cheesecake. WOW! Energetic hostess has an awesome Christmas decoration. A green wreath hungs horizontally from the dining light fixture with red and gold bead types of decorations attached. It is so cool, seeing would be believing, but maybe you can get the idea from this photo. It is very unique.
Merry Christmas All!
Take Care~~~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun Giveaway(s)

I love these vintage Christmas verses.
(Click on this to see up close!)

This Creative Girl named Nanette is celebrating one year of blogging. Go visit her blog each day this week and be entered to win something awesome from her. Nanette is such an inspiration. I hope to someday meet her in real life! We are the very same age, have sons and daughters the same ages, lived in the same town at the same time and we both love to sew. (There is probably more we have in common that we just don't know about~yet!) Thanks Nanette!
Take Care~~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dishtowels and Pockets for the Tree

Just before our trip to Phoenix, I ran onto a fun site called "turkey feathers". I spied dishtowels and embroidery! ooo all in one! That sweet girl had the patterns available in one click. Also available the tutorial on how to hem with coordinating fabrics. Whew~cute. {She has written a book that I think sounds intriguing and I LOVE the title of: Blanket Statement.} I went right to work tracing, got the desired threads packed and was ready to roll. I was able to embellish and embroider these in the car on the trip south. I was also able to get some crocheting and more embroidery done on the trip back north.
Yesterday, I ran onto Monica's new and simple idea, she calls them pennie pockets. I whipped up these two for our quilt group gift exchange and filled them with Kisses and Gum! I'd like to make a couple more of these maybe a little smaller to hang on the tree. They were quick to put together. That Happy Zombie is a funny creative girl! Thanks for your ideas ladies! Also, if you'd like to see our Show and Tell at MaterialGirlsof Idaho, click on over there! We had a great time with the Yankee Gift Exchange and a wonderful luncheon hosted by Jeri.
While in Phoenix, my sister, daughter and I sewed red red red in pursuit of a fun Christmas Tree skirt for Arizona Daughter. It will be real cute when all done. It's a square! I can't wait! I think we will be quilting it here at home on... aaa ~~well, ahem, probably about December 26th!!! Take Care~~~

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Giveaway - Old Red Barn Company

Dana is doing it again but giving away three lovely quilts this time. Wow. Go there, enter and try
to win, but don't really because I WANT to!!!
Take Care.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Question

Our quilt group is preparing for the Christmas Lunch/Meeting coming up. We are looking for a new idea for an activity, exchange or anything to do that would be fun. Do you ladies have any suggestions of things you've done in your areas? We plan to do a gift exchange, but from there we are open to anything! Thanks.

I am wondering??? Do you ever just have questions going through your head? These are some of mine:
When sewing binding onto the front of the quilt, why does the top layer pucker...I wonder if this happens to other quilters??? hmmm this can be prevented???
Why am I so forgetful? I don't even have that much to think about?
How do/have others handled a 13 year old like the one I have? I wonder if anyone else has challenges like mine, in raising a son???
Are the higher prices of quilting fabric (in the stores) 'getting' to anyone else???
I'm so disappointed that the batting in my bedspread is coming through to the top of the quilt!
to be continued!...
Take Care.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blushing Red

I was tagged by Nedra (she is great, so much going on with her, take a peek) a bit ago. I don't mind disclosure, I do mind attention. It's good exercise to think about these things, and I love learning about others, so I'll attempt some responses. In reading blockaday, she had a fun 'exercise' to read, so I'll attempt that also. (After, reading those Aussies, don't you just feel like typing and talking like them?)

8 things I did yesterday:


~thrifted with my daughter

~traveled home after 3 fun days of "fishing" with family (the fished, I stitched in the motel)

~ate french fries with fry sauce!

~administered aspirin to the Brett meister

~"ran" to the quilting store

~wrapped booty from trip (Steelhead Salmon)

~retired at 1:15 a.m.

8 favorite t.v. shows:

~I don't watch it, but do like Jeopardy

8 things I look forward to:

~gift making on Tuesday

~sewing this week

~Thanksgiving with the Crumps in Phoenix

~the smell of pine next month

~traditional Christmas luncheon with friends

~all home for Christmas next month

~being a Gramma hmmm- someday, I hope

~moving when my guy retires

8 favorite restaurants:

~ don't have, don't love eating out, too particular BUT there are some places I do want to try:

~ Zuppas in Utah

~ this other place in SLC that is across from the Library on 4th south (I think)

~ a fresh taco place in SLC on the east bench

~ a couple of places in Phoenix that I don't know the names of

oh dear - that was LAME!

8 wishes:

this is getting personal! and taking too much time!

~ a Janome

~ debt free (we are almost there!)

~ house remodeling

~ that I could lose 20 pounds

{ I'd better stop here!!!...}

Where is your significant other? YMCA
Your hair color? brown
Your mother? we are opposites
Your father? makes everyone laugh
Your favorite thing? food (dangit!)
Your dream last night? so weird
Your dream goal? I don't dare say!
The room you’re in? cold
Your hobby? quilting
Your fear? I don't dare say!
Where do you want to be in 6 years? planning to serve a mission for my church, better do it quick before I loose the energy.
Where were you last night? out on the streets...
What you’re not? high achiever
One of your wish-list items? family safety and happiness
Where you grew up? Ashton, Idaho-literally. In Marriage-figuratively.
The last thing you did? napped
What are you wearing? pajama pants and white shirt (I have 7 white tops)
Your TV? off
Your pets? one - have never really been fond of animals
Your computer? a vice
Your mood? tired and cautious
Missing someone? yes
Your car? bugs when not clean
Favorite shop? quilt/bookstore/kitchen/thrift
Your summer? ho hum
Love someone? struggle
Your favorite color? green
When is the last time you laughed? today
When is the last time you cried? at church
Take Care~~~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Black Is Black

Halloween is just anti-climatical now that the kids are old(er). I hardly even thought about it being Halloween. I forgot to get the candy out, good thing I remembered where I'd stashed it! Now that I don't teach preschool, I forgot to have Mr. Anonymous get the Halloween box out of the attic! When the Brett man returned home from trick-or-treating (he's only in 8th grade) I indulged in every little tidbit of sugar that he would toss my way~'til 11:00 pm! Pathetic!
This little quilt is a paper pieced project, that was so so fun! If you'll notice, where the seams all come together on the witches hair...there are 8 converging seams at the sides of her head! That BOO pillow was pretty fun to make also.
The AUTUMN pillow is a Crabapple Hill pattern. There are some really unique stitches on there, that I hadn't done since college, if then! Their patterns call for the Weeks Dye Works thread for the stitching. pretty thread, but spendy~~At quilt group this week it was Jeanie's turn to have us do a friendship block for her. She provided us with the black, red and white fabric. Using the particular block directions she provided, we are to add red, black or white. I ALREADY have mine done! It was fun to do and I think it is kind of pretty. I hope she likes it.

I've been seeing a really cool black swirly fabric of late. I asked one of the gals at quilt group where it comes from???She gave the needed info(Joanns) ahem and off I went. I picked up 1/2 yard just for me for know...stash building. I'd show it, but- man -pictures of fabric is hard enough let alone it be black fabric. Just go look at some swirly black fabric ~you'll know when you see it!

Hope your November 1st has been good~~~ have a good November and get all done that you desire. I'm looking forward to this upcoming holiday, as I get to travel...with my fun brother(all three of them are fun) Azona...for a 2nd college daughter's house!!!! Maybe she and I should do a giveaway together again! I need to think of new references for my 2 college daughters because they soon will not be. The 1st one (no blog) just passed her master's thesis and all that stuff this week. She will graduate in December with a degree in Environmental Engineering. The 2nd one is already NOT a college daughter, she graduated and is done with internship and exams and is working for a school district in Phoenix. She is in Dietetics and Nutrition. Wow, kids these days, I sure admire these college students and their accomplishments.

Take Care~~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Orange Orange

Whew, where to start?... In September I was able to host an engagement luncheon for my friend's daughter, who is getting married in November. Fall colors set the mood for decorations, which were minimal, but effective. I gathered orange berries off those real prickly bushes, and holly leaves, placed them in canning jars with water. I tied vintage ribbon around the neck and placed a votive candle on the surface of the water. We lite those and set them around the house. For the menu, I made a Teriayki Chicken Salad, Breadsticks and Cupcakes. For the salad just pull out a large platter and start layering all the ingredients, serve the dressing on the side. Use tongs when dishing up, it is a great way to do salad and makes a pretty presentation. It was simple, but fun. We didn't play any silly games, (mostly because I don't care for them) but had a couple of question activities that were funny and helped us get to know the future groom better. I had a fun door prize thing too!

The quilty pumpkins here are from two different quilts by quilter extrodanaire, Karen McCarter. Aren't pumpkins so fun and festive?

I won free fabric from Quilt Taffy, and of course while giving my address to Corrie on the phone, I scanned their charm square packs and purchased a few of those goodies on the spot! Thanks Corrie and Des. You two are great!

A new season means it's time to send college girls and husbands a goodie package. I was able to sew up these two placemats and napkins and ship them off to Phoenix. It was amazing, I sent them from my post office here in Idaho at 5:10 p.m. on a Thursday~~Phoenix girl received the package before noon on Saturday!!! awesome ~ good thing too because there were homemade cookies in it! I used Sandi Henderson and Dana Fishbien fabrics. Now, before Utah college girl reads this and wonders why I didn't send her a package, I must explain the sweating bullets and anxious stomach I was experiencing while browsing the quilt store for fabrics for her ~ I just couldn't settle on anything that I thought she'd like! I need to have her pick out the fabrics, 'cause what if they didn't like their placemats!? Hopefully, when we get together next, we'll have time to haunt the quilting store.
My son found this cute little bird just hanging out on our lawn! After poking and prodding it to no avail, he took it over to the neighbors, set it down and off it flew!

Lastly~Orange Chicken

mmm the guys love it~try it if you are interested....


1 cup chicken broth

1 cup white vinegar

1 cup ketchup

3 cups sugar

1/8 cup orange juice concentrate (optional)

1 t. salt

Simmer this until sugar dissolves.
Use 6-8 chicken breasts. Cut up in small pieces, about 2X3 inch.
Beat 2 eggs into a shallow dish, add a little milk.
Combine 1 1/2 cups corn starch and 3-4 t. garlic powder on a large plate.
Dip chicken into egg mixture, then into corn starch mixture. Brown in oil on both sides. Place in a 9x13 pan. Pour sauce over. Bake at 350 for almost an hour covered, then bake for 25 more minutes, uncovered. Serve over hot rice.

Orange you glad you came?...

Take Care.~~

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brown and Yellow Quilt Giveaway

This designing girl is giving away a beautiful brown and yellow quilt! I must admit I have not ever seen a quilt quite like this one! The pattern is so cool. The colors seem peaceful, but 70s at the same time:). Slip on over there to enter for the giveaway, it's this Friday! would be so fun to win! Good luck, yes I'm wishing you luck but quite insincerely, because I'm the one who really needs the most luck to win this wonderful quilt.
I've been sewing~~have lots to show someday soon... :)
Take Care.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flirting With Fall

OK, so I totally copied this idea from Anina. I don't think she'll mind...I hope she takes it as a compliment. I loved hers, pumped her for information, then came up with this table runner. I love it. It was very fun to machine quilt, doing a different 'design' in each strip. While suffering with the flu last week, the B man had to tolerate the hum of the machine and my exclamations of glee after every little strip-quilt-stint in the middle of the afternoon. I like to click on the picture to see the detail and I recommend it to you because my picture taking skillz are lacking.

BUT, yesterday I viewed Jacquie's very pretty runner and now don't love mine as much! Whew, I just can't keep up! I would like to have a table runner for every season or holiday, well... I already do ~ almost...moderation in all things. I used orange and green thread, but wasn't real brave to do it on the ivory colored strips, now I wish I would have. I used a gorgeous fabric on the back (forgot to photo it) that hides the quilting.

Now, can you notice?... this front door ditty is complete with found buttons and hanging apple tree branch? The buttons were lost in that little baggie for 2 months in my hmmm...where else, but my... SEWING ROOM! All this red, white and blue fluff around here is looking like I'm either 2 months late OR 10 months early!!! I'll take the later...

Take Care.~~~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Almost Fall

Red, White and Blue. They really are nice colors together to represent our country. These pretties will be cut up in an effort to refurbish this star. It is a decoration I made for my mom years ago, the old fabrics needed to be changed out. I will show it completed when I get about 50 spirals cut of the new fabric. A LQS offers 20% off all purchases with a birthday coupon. I took advantage of that to a small extent.

This Red White and Blue quilt top has been hanging, completed in my sewing room for a few years. It is soon to be quilted and I can't wait! It was a fun fun quilt to make.

OK, it's a little late, but I wanted you to see our raspberry jam and the cute little flower girl with it. We were very careful not to get jam on that towel. Why do we make pretty dish towels for the kitchen, secretly hoping they won't get stained and dirty? Oh yeah, to hang them on the oven door handle!

Orange Julius is the new great snackie "thing" around our house. The Brettster loves it. He is going down on one here in the garage the first day of school. Quick breakfast!

I hesitate to post this bunch of lovely flowers at the risk of high expectations for the future. Arizona son-in-law had these delivered to my door for my birthday last week. Wow, what a surprise! Utah son-in-law gave me some great fat quarters of cute fabrics, so what's a mother-in-law to do? ... Say...Thank You! Those flowers are Peruvian Lilies, still going strong one week later.

Vegetables! Whew! I started this quilt a few years ago also!!! Finally done! This was one of my very first machine quilting projects. As a whole, the project turned out so so, but I do love the vegetables. (click for a close up of the veggies) I learned not to used lined fabrics for backings, altho this one came out real well ~~for me not knowing WHAT I was doing. This quilt pattern is a Waltzing With Bears pattern, designed by Cheryl Gunn. Cheryl is a designer and works at a LQS. She is always interested in what I'm working on and helps me pick out fabric. She has many very very cute patterns, she is so creative! Look for her patterns in your store.

Take Care~~~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Book Marks, Beautiful Wedding and Flowers

Would you like to see a couple of book marks made from selvages? They were pretty easy to put together. I had fun going through my stash looking for cute things on the edges. The back of the bookmarks is a solid fabric. To make these I followed Anna Maria's general guidelines. Next, I think I will make one like hers with stitching on all four edges.

I treated myself to a pedicure on my birthday this week. These gorgeous pink flowers were resting right there by the entrance. Wow, vibrant color. Not surprising, I do not know what kind they are. They seemed to be the 'fresh from Hawaii' kind!

Last month we traveled across Idaho to Rexburg for the wedding of my nephew. Here is a picture of the Brett with my mom after the wedding. Isn't my mom so cute? (I think Brett has grown 3 inches this summer!) Two of the groom's brothers are in the background. The wedding dinner was catered by Johnny Carinos, as the groom has worked there for a couple of years. Tasty. The reception was held outdoors in a beautiful spot. The evening was so pleasant and enjoyable, a late summer night in Eastern Idaho... Whew! My friend from high school lives only a minute away from the reception spot, so she buzzed over. Needless to say, we had a little bit of fun, eating, goofing around and acting like we did in high school. The coolest thing~just before bride and groom left the reception for their honeymoon, the bridesmaids handed out sparklers and lighters to everyone. We all stood in two lines to form a long isle with lit sparklers. The bride and groom ran arm in arm through the isle of people waving the bright sparklers. All were cheering. The effect was very memorable. What a fun occasion!

I completed a UFO over the weekend. I will show it soon!

Take Care~~