Friday, September 23, 2011

Summary of Summer

Saw some unique birds in Oregon~
Walked through this round barn in southeastern Oregon~
Started stitching this cheerful quilt~
Purchased the kit too~
Delighted in this fun girl~
Introduced fun girl to my 'oldest' friend, Mildred Howard, she will be 103 yrs old soon!~
Edit: Mildred passed away on Friday, Sept. 30. I am so sad, but I know she was ready and is happier now. ....sure wish I'd gone to visit her in September! :/
"Allowed" this boy to obtain his drivers license~
Thrilled that fun girl permitted my mom to hold her~
Strolled to the water fountains park~
Watched these two play at fountains park~
Amazed that fun girl wants to pick up fallen yucky apples~
Saw these great kids in Oakley~
With their mamma~
Laughed at this little sweetie/fun girl as she went crazy scouting out the interior of my refrigerator!
Photographed right out side my window~
Summer went by SO quickly! the best part...3 weeks with fun girl.
Take Care~~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Outside my window... the petunias are dieing.

I am thinking... about taking a nap tomorrow!

I am thankful for... time!

From the kitchen... homemade granola.

I am creating... embroidery quilt blocks.

I am going... to The Help for the second time.

I am reading... Growing Up Amish and The Necklace.

I am hoping... that sister will be ok.

I am hearing... son practice piano - yeah!

Around the house... there is still so much to do.

One of my favorite things... U Swirl.

Upcoming plans... work day at church for humanitarian services, Women's Fitness Run, Oregon Coast trip, celebrating mom and dad's 60th wedding anniversary!