Monday, December 6, 2010

A United Kingdom Winner!

We drew number 4. Kerry of the United Kingdom won! The sweet little selvage star ornament will be shining all the way over the Atlantic to Kerry's home. Thanks to all (11)for entering the giveaway and for visiting Nancy's new etsy shop!
Take Care~~

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Giveaway!

It's Nancy again, and I'm here to share a giveaway with you all.
But first my mom wanted me to share an updated picture of my daughter Kennedy. We went to cut down our Christmas tree this weekend and this was her first experience with snow and cold weather. She did great. Thanks engineer aunt for the cute and cozy bonnet.

Now, back to the giveaway. I decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop, it's called Nancy Noodle. At the moment, I have 3 different kinds of Christmas ornaments listed, including quilted selvage ornaments, hand embroidered mini pillow ornaments and stocking ornaments cut from a vintage quilt that my great grandmother made.

To one of you, we would like to give this selvage star ornament. It's made from selvages on one side, quality quilting fabric on the other and cotton batting in the middle. It is quilted around the edges and hung on a ribbon with care.

So come stop by the shop, or my new crafting blog and have a look around. Then come back and leave a comment. Any comment will do. Although we'd love to hear what you think about the shop, your favorite Christmas tradition, or your plans for the holidays. Also, make sure to leave a way to get a hold of you. The giveaway will end Sunday December 5th.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Out of Commission

Just wanted to stop in for a minute to explain my daughter's cryptic mention of me being a little out of commission. In October, our family suffered a tragic loss with the sudden death of my sister's husband. Between spending time with her and her 3 kids, taking care of my basketball playing high schooler and prepping for the holidays there probably won't be much time for blogging. Thanks for your understanding. I am still able to read all of you, my friends' blogs, so thank you ~ And do stay tuned for a giveaway in the next couple days...the cute dietian daughter is opening an etsy shop...
Take Care~~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Guest Post Without a Theme

Hi, I'm Nancy, Diane's dietitian daughter and the guest post person for today. I live in Arizona with my husband and 5 month old daughter.
I'm here today to share a few of my most recent creations and to update Diane's blog while she's a little out of commission. So here goes:
5 months ago my life was blessed with a darling daughter, things have not been the same since. I mean that in the best way possible, except perhaps for all the spit up! It's true, we can't go anywhere without multiple burp rags, I'm always changing my shirt and sometimes my whole outfit! Her dad says we should have purchased spit up insurance. I've decided that the very best burp rags are cloth diapers, which are rather dull. This is an example of my attempts to liven them up. Hexagons!

2 weeks after my daughter was born we moved into our brand new house! Living in a house is fabulous. I just can't get over all the space we have. These curtains hang in my family room over the sliding door to the back yard. I found the white curtains at Ikea but wanted more color. I bought a flat aqua colored sheet at Target, cut it in half, hemmed it a bit, sewed the two layers together and presto- curtains!

We had an open house to show off our new home. The refreshments included a cake made from Oreos (my fav). I love cake plates. This is my most recent purchase. I didn't have a ribbon that was quite the right color so, what you see threaded through there is actually a selvage!
Finally, my favorite time of the year is quickly approaching! This is my festive addition to our decorations~ this quilt is made from 2 charm packs of Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas fabric line fashioned into snowball blocks.

The backing is flannel, making it snuggly and warm for the upcoming cold Arizona winter nights.

Thanks for allowing me to show off a bit. Here's hoping that you have a yummy, family filled, relaxing week. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This Guest Suggests...

Hi, I'm Amber, Diane's engineer daughter and guest host for this post. I currently live in Florida with my husband where we thoroughly enjoy the beach...
and where sights like this are not altogether uncommon:

But the real reason I was invited to post is because of some of my recent creations. Much to my mother's disappointment, I didn't inherit her sewing skills or fetish. Last Christmas, however, my husband and I decided to give some handmade gifts, I thought I'd try some embroidery. This is what we came up with for our nephews (based on Lego Star Wars and Batman characters):

I really enjoyed the stitching, and I am continuing it, primarily on onesies for baby gifts. This is a shirt I embroidered for a little friend who just loves animals. The giraffe is my favorite!

The whale onesie went to her little brother.
The space scene and river scene went to new babies.

There are a number of methods for transferring a design, but my favorite is Glad Press'n Seal.

It's pretty simple. First I sketch out my design on paper (which often involves browsing the Internet for ideas on how to portray a design, along with a lot of erasing). Then I apply a piece of Press'n Seal to the paper and trace the drawing using a ballpoint pen. Next I transfer the Press'n Seal to the onesie/shirt/tie/etc. I pick my colors, then stitch directly through the Press'n Seal. When the stitching is completed, I peel the Press'n Seal off. It sometimes sticks a bit in areas with small stitches, but a seam ripper or the back of a needle helps work it out.

These projects work up really quickly, especially after getting the design figured out. I also like them because they are easy to transport. I can work on them in the car, on the airplane, even at the beach. And bonus, the supplies aren't expensive. It just takes embroidery floss, a needle, a onesie, and a package of Press'n Seal (which you may already have in your kitchen).

A few disclaimers: I'm not sure how well these wash up (I always pre-wash and dry). Hand washing might help preserve the stitching, but who wants to hand wash a onesie? The final product would probably be more stable with some iron-on interfacing, but I don't like the stiffness. Also, this is by no means a product promotion for Press'n Seal. Finally, as you can probably tell, I am primarily working these designs in basic backstitch. I need to expand my stitch repertoire!

Thanks to Diane for letting me show off a little. I wish you all well from the sunshine state!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Little Wallet and a Guest Blogger!

This is the 7th Little Wallet. I forgot to take photos of the first 6 that I made before I gave them away. This pattern is a creation by Valori Wells of The Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon. I've been able to shop at The Stitchin' Post on 2 different occasions. Sisters, Oregon is a nice little town. When I attended the outdoor quilt show a few years back, I LOVED the home and garden tour that week!
I just might keep this last one for my use. When making these, I modified the bottom of the card compartments to prevent a lot of bulk in the bottom seam. I love having a snap tool. I've used it off and on through the years and very frequently lately as I recently made 2, mark that! 2 quiet books. I must show them here soon, BUT before that I'd like you to see the works of college girl gone Florida engineer girl. She will be showing some fun original embroidery! yeah for a Guest Blogger!
Take Care. ~~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Class Reunion

I attended my 35 year high school class reunion a couple of weeks ago. It was held in my home town of Ashton, Idaho. Nineteen of 52 graduates attended. We were the class of '75 at North Fremont High School. It was fun. (I am sitting, 3rd from the left.)(One person departed before picture was taken.) The friend on my right and I were able to do some hiking and biking around town during the day before the dinner. I grew up in an absolutely gorgeous area. Beautiful farming area, surrounded by the North Fork of the Snake River. MOVING ON! to a lighter note! Take a look at this sweet little girl. I was able to get her smiling and talking to me! I get to see her again in 2 weeks! She is coming to my house, yeah! (Oh yea, her mom is coming too. :))
Take Care~~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Glad These Are Done

Bathroom curtains hung today. This was A LOT of sewing! I've had this idea in my head for a long time, ever since I saw it in Passionate Patchwork by Kaffe Fasset. A few weeks ago, I noticed the 22 year old white eyelet curtains were not pretty ANYMORE!!! I picked up some shot cottons and various fabrics, keeping with the colors in the bathroom: light blue and violet. Many stash fabrics were used also.
In the Dark! oooo

Some fabrics are from Kaffe Fasset, others very random. I'm please with how this came out. The squares were cut 3.5 inches, the shot cotton in the middle at 2 inches. After sewing the shot cotton to the center of the 3.5 inch square, I cut out from behind it. I LOVE the effect this shows with the light!
I am so so glad these are done and up, as I am leaving town tomorrow to go see that sweet baby in Arizona... yeah! While I hold her, maybe her mamma can get some sewing of her own done.
Sorry about this last shot, never thought I'd put a picture of dirty toes here, but this is the ONLY picture the Brettster would let me take of him for his Pioneer Trek adventure. I guess he was proud of this.
Take Care~~

Monday, July 19, 2010

AND! And And And

...most important and exciting is our new little one! well she isn't mine, but I call her mine. She is our Arizona baby. Kennedy is 5 weeks old now. This little bundle made me a Grandma Ma. She is a bright spot in our family! I went to stay with her and new parents right after she was born AND I get to go see her at the beginning of August! yeah. She is so precious and sweet! Her outfit reads: Give peas a chance. (gift from one dietian to another)
Coming home from the hospital. She came 6 days past the due date. Weight: 8 lbs. 5 oz. 19 3/4 inches. (those 3/4 inch (s) are important, huh, in both sewing and baby details)

I adore this little girl! I love to hear her cry! and she looks so very cute while crying.
We got Skype set up this weekend. I got to see her for an hour yesterday.
Take Care~

Mother's Day Tablerunner

The charm pack of Sultry by Basic Grey was calling out to be sewn up into something. I found the pattern in table runners on Moda Bake Shop by Camille Roskelly. The whole thing came together very fast. I took it, along with 2 other tablerunners to mom to let her choose one. She chose this little pretty to be on the t.v. table. I think it looks mighty fine. Detail of rick rack (from Hancocks) and quilting. I like to quilt loops.
I'm hooked on the little hair clips to help with binding!
The backing.
Precuts have their qualities, but I don't always love them. The little pinked edges bother me at times.
Take Care~~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Verna Quilt

That's the only title I can think to give this quilt. I used a layer cake, charm pack and honey bun of Verna by Kate Spain. Pretty fabrics. The quilting was done by a gentleman in my area who recently purchased a quilting machine to use as a hobby. I think he did a lovely job.
I love the blue color in this line.
This quilt is going to an auction to raise money for a young family who's father is in very poor health. I've never done anything like this. I hope it goes well. I will be attending the bbq/auction next week. We'll see...
This pattern was on Moda Bake Shop. Quick and easy.
Take Care~~~

Friday, July 9, 2010

Meadowsweet Fabric

Jenny at sewfabulousquiltshop sponsors a giveaway every month, a FABRIC! giveaway...I won for June!!!
I love these colors, maybe these two are my favorite, but how do you pick favorites? I mean really~out of all this lovely fabric?

Yeah! It is a Fat Quarter Pack of Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller Fabrics. I am thrilled to have won such lovely fabrics! Thank you so much Jenny! (This package arrived so FAST all the way from Florida!)
First thing I'll do is trim the selvages off and send them to my Arizona girl, as she, well, yeah you guessed it, she is one of those that are crazy about selvages!
Take Care.~~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Have you ever?:
been glad you have a sister?
enjoyed sorting through button jars?
participated in discussions about everything from desserts to depression? with your sister?
sneezed a lot while sewing?
placed chocolate by your sewing machine, for just in case?
dejunked your stash while looking for that perfect red? or green?
wondered why dishtowels aren't SOFT!?
told a lie? to yourself...while sewing?
mentally bad mouthed the ladies that work at the local quilting store?
not answered the phone...on purpose while sewing?
Apparently! (hear Brian Regan) sewing brings out the very best and some of the worst ...oh well..."It's all good."
This rooster still needs some outline stitching and running stitches on the edges of the towel.
Pink and Blue done and gifted.
Orange for a very fiesty friend's birthday.
Sweet pastels, I think Sister might just keep this one for herself.
Red and white is always such a happy combination.
Homemade Pie just waiting for swirls of french knots for steam. Love that button!
This dishtowel reminds me of railroad engineer's coveralls! made happy with red and white. more stitching for this one too.
Lastly, tan~brown~and blue...have become such a great trio of color.
Thanks for coming Sister, I think you made some great dishtowels.
Take Care~~