Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yeah! for...

Bells! Handbells that is- a new musical pursuit. Five other ladies are playing with me. It is so fun!
Time with these people-looks like I'm about to maul her...
I know many out there want Spring, but I do love these last snow storms!
Clean. A clean kitchen that is...
Amaryllis. Bulb planted, watered and cared for...too bad it NEVER bloomed!?
Take Care~~

Dueling Pincushions

When Arizona girl and I were together we managed some 'sewing together' time. We produced these two Cathedral Window pin cushions from the tutorial at MyGoGoLife .
Hers and mine.
The backs ~ it was easier for me to choose a backing fabric than it was to choose the fabrics for the front.

We had a good time, or at least I did. I like sewing with her because she leads out and is confident.

Sewing these made me want to do a whole quilt of this.


Truth be known, I like hers better than mine! either way, it seems criminal to stick pins in these cute little cushions!

Take Care~~