Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handmade by Arizona Daughter

As Nancy's mom, I love everything she makes. Seeing her creativity flow is so very satisfying. Often I give her a 'problem' that I need help with on a project, watching her sketch, figure and solve on paper is amazing. We enjoy working on the same project, sharing the required duties. Pictured below are some of her goodies and a link to her easy store. If you are looking for something fun for you or for gift giving, go there!!! :) You will find hand embroidered pillowcases w/ elephants, a "green arrow" table runner, etc.
 Mint Green Mini Quilt- $25
 Selvage Mini Quilt- $30 
 Brown & Pink Hot Pad Set- $15
 Rainbow Hot Pad Set- $15

 Card Wallet- $6
 Wristlet- $9
Dear Santa Mug Rug- $15
Embroidered Pillow Ornament- $5

Also there are new listings to the Etsy shop.

Enjoy and Take Care.~~