Monday, March 31, 2008

Our winner is...

... May Britt! Congrats to you! We've never sent anything to Norway before! She'll receive: a paper globe, a vintage fat quarter, 4 corner book marks, a 6" ruler, a pack of needles, a table linen embroidery, a pair of handmade earrings and Arizona chocolates. Hope you enjoy the items we send and that the chocolates stay fresh through the long journey. Thanks to everyone for entering our giveaway and sharing your stories with us. We enjoyed learning a little bit more about each of you, a couple of those stories were tear jerkers.

Cactus flowers blossoms are so amazing, they are big and certain, considering what they come from...

We took a hike this evening on Thunderbird Hill. The sun was just disappearing, so pretty up there, we could see almost all of the Valley of the Sun. This morning found us trekking out to Fountains Hills, what a lovely community out there, we saw the highest fountain in the world AND a quilt store!!!!! I purchased a few delicious pieces. Take Care. ~
D Spack~

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Arizona Adventures

Have you been to In and Out??? B man (ds) wants to eat there everyday we are here. I do love the fresh french fries. We will go there for lunch again tomorrow.

Have you seen the desert in bloom??? I admit it! Scenery is pretty here~the blossoms and plants are intriguing to me. I've photographed several. I think this cactus is the Scarlett Hedgehog Cactus. Thanks Dave Boizelle

Have you eaten Cerreta's Chocolates??? While visiting the candy factory in Glendale, we indulged in the samples and brought son-in-law a chocolate covered red pepper. It was hot, but he ate the whole thing! Our giveaway (previous post) includes some Cerreta's Chocolates, if you haven't commented do so very soon!!!

Have you been to Tortilla Flats??? pop. 6 We drove through the gorgeous Sonoran Desert~~whew yellow, green, light green, purple and orange! Our only food indulgence was Prickly Pear Ice Cream! There is $80,000 one dollars bills attached to the walls of the two buildings up there. Upon returning back to the valley we were treated to a lovely evening barbeque - poolside in Mesa at relatives-thank you D and S, with more relatives from Albuquerque - yeah L and C.

Take Care. ~D Spack~

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break in Arizona and a Giveaway!!!

Posting from Arizona. Dear Son and I are finally with this cute girl and hubby (we are pictured in front of a Bullseye quilt that was a joint effort between us). As promised we bring you our mother daughter giveaway. The picture below shows a small sampling of our crafting tendencies that we want to send to you. To win, comment with a favorite story about your mother or daughter. Post your story in comments below or over here at Nancy's. The winner will also receive some choice sweets from Arizona. We will randomly select a winner on Monday 3/31 at 8 pm. I just received a nice award from Nanette. Thank you Nanette, oh and go to her 'blodge'! she's doing a giveaway also.
My story: Over Christmas while attending church, in class with college daughters, the instructor mentioned blogging, its growth and popularity. Her concluding statement was, "how great a thing blodging can be." On the back row, flanked by those two cute girls, wondering if I/we heard right...? covert glances left and right ~~left us struggling to stifle our mirth. "Blodging" quickly became the joke of our holidays. {Due to the confusion my brother suggested that blodging is a lodge for bloggers.}

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Egg/Baskets Production

...wondering why I started a no sugar diet yesterday!!!??? Why does Cadbury have to make those mini eggs so darn good? AND pastel jr. mints~oh so good. I hope by now you all know to open your peeps packages several days ahead and let them dry out. They are the best that way-so chewey. Eat them with the mini eggs, yes at the same time. I found those neat big eggs at Winco. I'm sending them in the mail today, to college girls and their guys for Easter~ All kinds of items are on my kitchen counter this Monday. I'd better get candy in those eggs and get things cleared up. I hope the two girls don't read my post here before the packages arrive in the mail!
Take Care.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Basketball, Arizona and Spring!!!

My header sounds like we might hit some March Madness/Sweet Sixteen kind of stuff, but no not until next year! DS, not 1, 2 or 3 ~ just only, played ball in Eastern Idaho where handsome little brother of mine lives. I snapped this photo of them after the game. Brother (he's number 3, the other two are very handsome also!) is willing to get his picture taken. My parents weren't willing, but were present.

I was able to catch a few glimpses of eye candy in the form of quilting fabric. Aren't these pieces nice? The blue polka dot is for a boy Bulls Eye baby quilt. I got it at The Quilt Shoppe in Rigby.
For the other two pieces, I will use them in curtains for the patio doors in my kitchen, which I started a few months ago, but because of several factors, am not sure how to proceed....
Last summer while visiting married college girl #2 in Utah, she and ds went swimming at the local pool. I enjoyed watching them play together while stitching a Spring pillow. Had to show the back also, it's pieced I figured it out~~ all by myself! Spring huh? In the last hour we just experienced a huge thunder, hail, sleet and snow storm. It came on really fast!

NOW, calling all you ladies from ARIZ.! since I'm spending a good week there in a week~~we have a day set aside for all the fun shops, flee, quilt, antique, whatever you say is good~~sooo, send me your ideas. I'll be in the Peoria/Tuscan/Mesa area with this cute girl! We do hope to hit IKEA too! Oh how will I ever get it all back to Idaho??? j.k. While in the A state, cute girl and I are sponsoring a giveaway, jointly, so please check back with me or her to sign up! We have some neat little items to send your way. In your comment we will be asking you to provide some fun information about YOU!!! Take Care.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Apron Giveaway

Aprons are so fun and cute nowadays. They are becoming the rage with all the darling fabrics available to create one with...what's girl to do? I might pick up some Denyse Schmidt fabric to make mine. Go to and enter their giveaway~do it now~
Take Care.
~D Spack~