Thursday, June 25, 2009

May~Spring to Finish

Something really good came to pass!
Jacquie really motivated me to get those works in progress finished. For April I had 12 finishes, 5 for May. My name was chosen as the winner for May! Yeah, I'm so excited! I told my guy, "see, now all that sewing paid off!" Yesterday I received a very fun package in the mail all the way from Tallgrass Prairie Studio in the great state of Kansas. My camera is in Alaska with my guys for 10 days, so I can't take a picture of the lovely little table topper, the awesome hot pad and the lucious fabrics I received from Jacquie. (just so happens to be some DS fabric contained therein!)I will post a picture asap. It's was a little odd how I kept feeling and touching these precious things, knowing that it was all created by the quilter extrodinaire that Jacquie is. I feel very fortunate to have some of Jacquie adorning my home. Thank you very much Jacquie, you are wonderful!
Edited to add: DS fabric is Denyse Schmidt fabric. Denyse has designed 2 or 3 lines of fabrics that I'm aware of, I love it all, many others do too. I've heard that Denyse will not be designing anymore. Shucks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Class Quilt

Here is Joni. She is a church/quilting friend and all around nice person.
A few months ago, I snagged a few ladies from church to do some quilting with me. The previously posted scrappy pink baby quilt was our project. Several ladies' quilts are half done. Joni, Tonya, Barbara and I finished ours. Joni has since made 2 more quilts! Yeah! I hope the bug bites a few of these great ladies! Pictured below is Joni with a teacher's quilt that she made for her son's teacher at the end of the school year. She purchased iron on paper to transfer the pictures to fabric. She consulted with me once or twice, then took off. She had that thing done in less than a week! I think it looks great! The yellow border fabric has darling bees on it. I've got to find out where she purchased that cute fabric.

Take Care~~

My Blonde Friend

Whelp! she did it. Blonde Friend won a quilt! While shop hopping to a few places here in western Idaho, we put our names in for the drawing at Quilt Expressions for their shop hop quilt and ...yup, lo and behold, Blonde Friend, who says that I win everything and she never does~~DID~! Here she is with her lovely quilt. Honestly, it was the prettiest one we saw, plus the other shops weren't even giving away an item as 'big' as a quilt. Years ago, my guy won a barbeque grill(a nice one). Blonde friend's guy called it our ill gotton grill. Hmmm, I wonder, should I make her feel guilty by calling her quilt an ill gotton quilt??? nope. I wouldn't do such a thing, especially involving something so lovely and her tender feelings.

oops that cupcake is upside down!

Karen, the shop owner is showing the back of the quilt. (I think that fabric is a Heather Bailey print.) Blonde friend is on the right.

Isn't she blonde...err ...a ...I mean cute!
Take Care~~

Whew, "where" have I been?

First off, let's look at some more finishes!

A little Christmas in June. This pillow and runner are a Thimbleblossoms pattern by Camille Roskelley.
I ran onto this little apron pattern over at and decided to make it up for my niece. Light blue is her favorite color, so picked up this Mary Englbriet fabric and went to work. I hope she likes it.
Scrappy Pink Baby Quilt~I put a flannel back on this, machine quilted it on my old old Singer with wavy loopy lines. Very Very Fun. I seem to like simple simple quilting as I get older. :)
Nine patches sent in May. These are for the swap that Anina sponsored. I can't wait to get mine. We were required to send 16 blocks in May and 16 again in June.
Hot Pads for teacher gifts: I bought a grommet tool and have used it several times now~I've been able to find both gold and silver grommets.

OK, so that is part of 'where' I've been. Otherwise, in a nutshell I've been away dealing with life's challenges...
Take Care~~