Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Have you ever?:
been glad you have a sister?
enjoyed sorting through button jars?
participated in discussions about everything from desserts to depression? with your sister?
sneezed a lot while sewing?
placed chocolate by your sewing machine, for just in case?
dejunked your stash while looking for that perfect red? or green?
wondered why dishtowels aren't SOFT!?
told a lie? to yourself...while sewing?
mentally bad mouthed the ladies that work at the local quilting store?
not answered the phone...on purpose while sewing?
Apparently! (hear Brian Regan) sewing brings out the very best and some of the worst ...oh well..."It's all good."
This rooster still needs some outline stitching and running stitches on the edges of the towel.
Pink and Blue done and gifted.
Orange for a very fiesty friend's birthday.
Sweet pastels, I think Sister might just keep this one for herself.
Red and white is always such a happy combination.
Homemade Pie just waiting for swirls of french knots for steam. Love that button!
This dishtowel reminds me of railroad engineer's coveralls! made happy with red and white. more stitching for this one too.
Lastly, tan~brown~and blue...have become such a great trio of color.
Thanks for coming Sister, I think you made some great dishtowels.
Take Care~~


Allie said...

Don't have a sister but always hoped I would have one, lol! Those towels are FABULOUS! Oh my gosh I'm in love with the appliques and the fabrics. The orange flowers are my favorite! Or maybe the red and white....or the rooster...they're all wonderful!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

They are really really cute. But Yes. Yes Yes, I answered yes to most all of those!

Judy said...

I have a sister but sadly she doesn't quite share the same interests as I do...sigh! Those are all so cute. Especially the rooster. Six of them are a YES!

Nancy said...

I like the last one with the blue flowers the best! Nice job posting, I didn't even get a call!

Thimbleanna said...

Your towels are all so cute! You crack me up -- especially the one about telling a lie ... to yourself!!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Thanks for your nice comments to me. Your profile isn't set for me to email you back. I think it used to be. Not sure how that happens, mine changed once to a no comment blogger. Anyway thanks.

karen c. said...

Every girl needs a sis. Especially a generous one with a nice big stash. The dishtowels project turned out to be a great time! Thanks.

Bonny said...

Your rooster is so magnificent! I collect roosters and chickens - love your color choice.