Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cold Cold Flower Day

Just thought I'd go to my stash for some flowers in May. May is not showing up outside yet. These florals are some of my favorites. Hopefully, you can click on them to see up close.

Aren't those little kids cute? I got that fabric at a giveaway at quilt group one day from Kathi, our leader. We had a guest speaker at quilt group yesterday, Karen MacCarter. She is a superb quilter. Karen told us of her quilting journey and showed us several of her many many quilts. She talked of her beginnings in wanting to make a baby quilt for her son. She appliqued with polyester fabric! It was what was available. Several of you quilters are working on the Dear Jane quilt (click on it for close up). Karen has one done and is hand quilting it now.

I LOVE this little bird! I could make a whole quilt in this little block, with each bird a different fabric. If Nanette sees this birdie she might like it too! ...this little bird is in a quilt that Karen has had for several years that was a 'group' quilt.
I think it is such a great one! I love to just gaze at all the various squares. (click on it too!!!)

We had a three inch flannel squares exchange at quilt group a couple of months ago. Some made a snowman quilt with their squares, I just wanted to do a small quilt with my flannel squares. I sewed them into pair strips then used the 'quilt as you sew' method to put them together with the batting and backing. It was a hassle, difficult to match the corners. I used fabric from my stash for the borders, they are all different. I think I will do some hand quilting on the borders with pearl cotton. I may just donate this quilt, we'll see. Take Care.


judy said...

What an awesome quilt. This really makes me think I need to finish the one I started.

erica e said...

fun quilts! I love the flowery fabric and LOVE LOVE LOVE the little cute kids fabric!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow Diane such fun fun FUN things. First of all I love the bird. It is super darling. I adore it. And the umbrella block! Love it. Well the pinwheel is darling too. But man is her work fabulous on the Dear Jane. I'm feeling very amature at the moment in working on mine. Hers is perfection. What a great show she put on for you.

I love your fabric. I have some of those myself.

Nice post! So much to look at.

Stephanie said...

Love the little kid fabric! Thanks for commenting on my blog.