Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today is this cute girl's 24th birthday! Hope she has a great day down there in sunny AZ! We miss her, BUT get to see her tomorrow! in Utah, then she's home here for a whole week!!! Yeah!
Do you ladies wonder what it's like to be 24th again? Do we even remember anything about being 24??? Take Care.


Lanelle Barber said...

Hi Diane! I found Nancy's blog, and then yours so I just thought I'd say *howdy* Oh, and yes this is your old visting teacher, in case your were wondering. Lest you think I am some creepy stranger commenting on your blog. ;) I am a blog lurker though. Hope you are doing well, and I hope Nancy has a good birthday too.

P.S. All your crafts and quilts are so cute! Almost makes me want to take up quilting...almost. :)

Julia said...

Yes, I remember being 24, I was pregnant with my third child. lol
Wonderful memories, but wouldn't want to go back. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks Mom, you're the best! Thanks for the e-mails too. Can't wait see you guys tomorrow. Later.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hey really? I feel 24 some days (well just my brain) and then some days I feel 244 (my body)!

Nancy is a sweet girl. Happy birthday to her. I'll skip over to her blog and send her a birthday wish.

Anonymous said...

Hmm....24 years old. I just had my 6th child. I like it right where I am now. :)
Happy Birthday.

Cheryl said...

Happy 24th to your girl...I can barely remember 24!! Enjoy your time with her. Loved the raggy heart quilt. It came out wonderful.