Friday, April 25, 2008

Where To Begin...?

...with the good! ~ This person turned 13 this week! He's always hanging around with his shirt off! Our neighbors gave him that great basketball book.

...more good! ~I received a great package in the mail from my apron swap partner! She is so great~~take a look at this vintage apron~~chicken scratch stitches~~the waist band is pleated I love it!!! Black too! SLENDERIZING!!! I need that in the kitchen ~~and in the kitchen only. :)
...more good ~This Raggedy Hearts quilt is just sitting here waiting to have it's binding stiched down. Material Girls have made this quilt to donate to breast cancer research next month. I have the opportunity of making the binding, applying it to the quilt and finishing this pretty quilt!
...more and more good ~Amber and Tanner get married two weeks from today. Looking forward to the day, it should be a lot of fun. Hopefully, not too cold in Utah~

...not so good~ a curve ~Our great and longtime friend, Emil Drzayich passed away suddenly two weeks ago tonight. We are very very sad. Emil was a great person with a great family, wife Peggy, four sons and two daughters in law. My dear husband was honored to play the organ at the funeral services. Emil was a baseball player as are all of his sons. Take Me Out to the Ballgame was one of the songs played before the service began, along with Going Home, Theme Song from The Natural and Morning Has Broken. Emil will be missed tremendously every day.
Take Care~~~


judy said...

I am so glad you like the apron. I did send you a loooooooong e-mail.
Best wishes to the engaged couple. How exciting.
I forgot to mention about the Material Girls Idaho blog. How neat is that.

jjstoor said...

Hey Diane - Jodie said you are a blogger too. It's a fun way too keep up with family and friends. So excited for Amber - tell your family Hi! Jill

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The apron and quilt are super darling. Love them. And he reminds me of my 13 year old. Dead pan for the camera. Doncha love it. Happy birthday to him.

Nancy said...

I do like the apron, it is very unique. Too bad B looked like he almost died on his birthday.