Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Question

Our quilt group is preparing for the Christmas Lunch/Meeting coming up. We are looking for a new idea for an activity, exchange or anything to do that would be fun. Do you ladies have any suggestions of things you've done in your areas? We plan to do a gift exchange, but from there we are open to anything! Thanks.

I am wondering??? Do you ever just have questions going through your head? These are some of mine:
When sewing binding onto the front of the quilt, why does the top layer pucker...I wonder if this happens to other quilters??? hmmm this can be prevented???
Why am I so forgetful? I don't even have that much to think about?
How do/have others handled a 13 year old like the one I have? I wonder if anyone else has challenges like mine, in raising a son???
Are the higher prices of quilting fabric (in the stores) 'getting' to anyone else???
I'm so disappointed that the batting in my bedspread is coming through to the top of the quilt!
to be continued!...
Take Care.


BJ in TX said...

Yep, they're up to $10 a yard around here...and of course the best quilt shop NEVER has any sales. (She does other things, but no sales.) Personally, I'm looking at other places and using coupons as often as I can.

Nedra said...

The binding solution- do you use a walking foot? If so, and it's still puckering on top, then maybe you are pulling it too tight as you are sewing along. (Been there done that)
And raising a teenage boy...come sit by me girlfriend. Not sure the specifics of your challenges, but we could probably compare stories. I normally don't send on those cute e-mails, but my daughter sent me one on "why boys need mothers". It's coming your way.

Jackie said...

For your Christmas get together, why not a yankee gift swap? It is fun and involves anyone. It is a really long explanation, if you are interested, e-mail me and I will send the details

Nancy said...

You could see if anyone else has an old worn out quilt that you could all make little stockings from.

jacquie said...

fabric prices...if it weren't for sales and coupons...teenage boys...i have 2. we should talk. almost kicked our now 19 year old out of the house at 15 and 16. he such a joy now. i'm not sure i recognize him. the other is 17...we're on the downhill slide. the other questions...i've forgotten.