Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blushing Red

I was tagged by Nedra (she is great, so much going on with her, take a peek) a bit ago. I don't mind disclosure, I do mind attention. It's good exercise to think about these things, and I love learning about others, so I'll attempt some responses. In reading blockaday, she had a fun 'exercise' to read, so I'll attempt that also. (After, reading those Aussies, don't you just feel like typing and talking like them?)

8 things I did yesterday:


~thrifted with my daughter

~traveled home after 3 fun days of "fishing" with family (the fished, I stitched in the motel)

~ate french fries with fry sauce!

~administered aspirin to the Brett meister

~"ran" to the quilting store

~wrapped booty from trip (Steelhead Salmon)

~retired at 1:15 a.m.

8 favorite t.v. shows:

~I don't watch it, but do like Jeopardy

8 things I look forward to:

~gift making on Tuesday

~sewing this week

~Thanksgiving with the Crumps in Phoenix

~the smell of pine next month

~traditional Christmas luncheon with friends

~all home for Christmas next month

~being a Gramma hmmm- someday, I hope

~moving when my guy retires

8 favorite restaurants:

~ don't have, don't love eating out, too particular BUT there are some places I do want to try:

~ Zuppas in Utah

~ this other place in SLC that is across from the Library on 4th south (I think)

~ a fresh taco place in SLC on the east bench

~ a couple of places in Phoenix that I don't know the names of

oh dear - that was LAME!

8 wishes:

this is getting personal! and taking too much time!

~ a Janome

~ debt free (we are almost there!)

~ house remodeling

~ that I could lose 20 pounds

{ I'd better stop here!!!...}

Where is your significant other? YMCA
Your hair color? brown
Your mother? we are opposites
Your father? makes everyone laugh
Your favorite thing? food (dangit!)
Your dream last night? so weird
Your dream goal? I don't dare say!
The room you’re in? cold
Your hobby? quilting
Your fear? I don't dare say!
Where do you want to be in 6 years? planning to serve a mission for my church, better do it quick before I loose the energy.
Where were you last night? out on the streets...
What you’re not? high achiever
One of your wish-list items? family safety and happiness
Where you grew up? Ashton, Idaho-literally. In Marriage-figuratively.
The last thing you did? napped
What are you wearing? pajama pants and white shirt (I have 7 white tops)
Your TV? off
Your pets? one - have never really been fond of animals
Your computer? a vice
Your mood? tired and cautious
Missing someone? yes
Your car? bugs when not clean
Favorite shop? quilt/bookstore/kitchen/thrift
Your summer? ho hum
Love someone? struggle
Your favorite color? green
When is the last time you laughed? today
When is the last time you cried? at church
Take Care~~~


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a cute post. Good stuff to know about you.

Nedra said...

Thanks Diane! I loved learning more about you!

Nancy said...

I love that fishing picture! They all look so happy! Wish I chould have been there. Which resteraunts do you want to eat at here in Phoenix?

Judy said...

That was a fun read. I find we might be a bit a like :)
I just might do this if you don't mind.

jacquie said...

fun to read more about you!

nettie said...

hi dianne, i wanted to let you know that i found that fabric from this seller:

I don't think she has anymore. I check on ebay often for fabrics that are often out of print. i have never had such luck--I got 26 fat quarters from the flea market fancy line!

hope this helps. good luck

amber_waves05 said...

what color are you going to blog about next? green, i hope.

~D Spack~ said...

Amber: I already blogged about green, when we were Going Green, I think Pretty in Pink will be next. I know you don't like pink tho'!

karen said...

Who are the kids? Should I know them?

~D Spack~ said...

preschoolers from my last year of teaching, they gave me the platter.