Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Embellished Distowels~February

Another picture of the winter flower! It was a long tall thing...

Little dishtowels for Valentine's gifts, all embroidered and hemmed including some twill tape for hanging. I got the little flower pattern free from a blog.

This red number took much time to trace design on (thanks Nancy) and embroider. Whew all that just for decoration OR fingertips. It was started for Christmas, but served just fine for Valentine's Day.
Next up: more embellished dishtowels. My sister came for a couple of days of sewing. I'll show what she came up with, from my stash (gladly). I got to just kick back and hand stitch.

Take Care~~


Nedra said...

Welcome back. I've missed you. Life gets crazy sometimes, doesn't it? Your stitching looks great! Love the dishtowels, and the baby blankets. Someday I hope to crochet again.

Allie said...

Aren't those pretty!!!

Nancy said...

Yeah, remember how long it took me to trace all those flowers?! And then remember how many lazy daisy stitches you had to do?! It turned out great, but lets never do that again.