Monday, June 2, 2008

Where Did May Go???

Time of change~school out~summer on it's way...the months go by so quick!

Today's To Do list:
~bake 3 Angel Food cakes/slice strawberries for the third graders to have strawberry shortcake "To Go" tomorrow...
~make 30 cards with picture, summer reading booklist and poem written by Amber*
~balance checkbook (do you ladies still do that???)
~pay bills
~get chain saw sharpened
~make phone calls
~take a nap (favorite)
~try to keep 13 year old ds BUSY with good things...
~catch up on e-mails
I never seem to get to my sewing, by the time I can, it's late in the day~ I'm too tired.
I think all the wedding loose ends are taken care of and the newlyweds are arriving in Peru today for a two week stint to put in drinking water wells and pumps. Hope they get a lot done and have a good time.
As mentioned last week, Quilt Group Friendship blocks were due. The airplane is paper pieced. It's fun and can be addicting, you just have to make sure you work with a generous piece of fabric each step of the way.
*Mom's Gift
by Amber Spackman (with some help from dad)
I've been to London to visit the queen,
I'm friends with Jack Sprat, who could eat only lean,
I'm acquainted with Aesop, and all of his fables,
And I've become friends with Anne of Green Gables.
I've met Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Harrison,
And Georgie, who kissed all the girls--how embarrasin'!
I've shivered with fright next to brave Nancy Drew,
Helped the Grinch steal Christmas from each Whoville Who.
I've lived in the future, traveled backward in time,
I won the Olympics, even though I'm just nine.
I could not have found red ferns, or 'coons that were treed,
If Mom hadn't helped me to learn how to read.
~Take Care


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a cute post and a great list and darling poem. Your blocks are so good.

Julia said...

What a darling little poem! What a gift we give to our children and grandchildren when we teach them how to read and read stories to them. I think it is important for them to see us reading and enjoying it too!

Nancy said...

I think the plane blocks are adorable. You did a really good job putting them together. I especially love the polka dots (I know you aren't surprised).

i'm kelly said...

what a list! did you get it all done?!

Julie said...

I love the airplane blocks..I have seen them before but had forgotten about them. I have been commissioned to make a nursery for a friend of mine and and in the process of coming up with an idea.
Thanks for the comment on my blog about the amy and ginger fabric.