Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Christmas Out of My System

Getting Christmas out of the system is hard when I keep wanting to sew these pillowcases, snow keeps coming and we receive a late Christmas/Happy New Year gift. We love hot chocolate around this house. Thanks to sister Karen and her family for the neat hot chocolate maker. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I'll put the pillowcases in the cedar chest~not to be forgotten for Christmas gifts in 10 short months, keep enjoying the snow and hopefully get my Valentine Ragged Hearts Quilt quilted! I'm certain it would be done but I'm reading Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards. She is a commendable writer.
Someday soon we should have a giveaway here!!!!


Julia said...

Oooo, that hot chocolate maker looks yummy!!!!

Karen said...

I was wondering how the "cocomotion," version 2 turned out. Is it better that the original? Did you take a real picture of hot chocolate. I can taste the lemon cake thing just looking at it. Looks good. Love, Karen