Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wacky Things I Do

Is it forgetfulness, spaciness or what? I thought I would use my good old breadsticks recipe to make cinnamon rolls. They turned out just ok. The main problem was that I rolled the dough the wrong way! I guess you could say the hamburger way instead of the hot dog way. I realized it half way through when I was getting ginormous rolls and only about six of them. Sooo I unrolled the remaining and rolled it the correct way. You can see the varieties and sizes here. The inside~out rolls are the after 'the unroll' ~rolls. I frosted only half of them because Brett likes frosting, but the other guy around here doesn't care for frosting. They got eaten. Continuing with the theme of this: I was looking for the powered sugar, perplexed that it wasn't in the cupboard. I knew I'd used it only 3 days earlier. Well~open frig~there it was, in the refrigerater! ~~been there for~ yeah~3 days. I won't elaborate any further ~ there are more incidences. My blonde friend claims that she lost brain cells with each pregnancy (4 for her). For me~no explanation, yet.
This little vintage postcard was found in my dear grandmother's treasures after she passed away in 2002. She lived in Malad, Idaho (woowoo). I spent much time there with her as I was growing up. I am her oldest granddaughter. I received some of her fabric, sewing notions, an old quilt, crochet thread and even a box of prairie points ready to be put on a quilt, which I've only ironed, so far. Can you spy something peculiar on the Christmas postcard?


Nancy said...

Didn't something like the powdered sugar incident happen when I was at home? I am mailing that wool today (sorry a day late) and there should be plenty for two stars. Have a Merrie day!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I simply adore vintage cards. It is so sweet knowing where a special card was saved from. I am showing my age now, but I remember helping my mom send Christmas cards out when I was tiny and postage was like 3 cents. (ancient me turned 50 this year). I can still remember the bells on the cards we sent out one year and the glitter on the card. I sure wish she'd kept some of those and I had them. I am a thrower outer. It makes me wonder what I'm getting rid of that my kids will someday wish I had kept. Oh well.

The rolls look delightful.

Judy said...

I think the rolls look good.
I know I lost some brain cells with my pregnancies. I am just too scared to count how many I lost(lol).
I like the postcard, and how they spelled "Merrie".

Kairle said...

Well, your cinnamon roll story gave me a good chuckle. I guess I should confess that when I made my ginger snap cookies (posted on my blog) I thought I was doubling the molasses, but I acutally put in 4X the amount instead of 2Xs. So then I had to go back and double the rest of the ingredients again. No harm done...they turned out great. AND we got lots of cookies! LOL!