Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vintage Christmas Girl

A few weeks before Christmas I saw this sweet little girl in town. She appeared to be bustling on her way to decorate a door for Christmas. She was so cute, I picked her up and brought her home with me. She didn't seem to mind being at our house for the holidays. I took her to a quilting party with me and showed her to everyone who came by to visit. I kept her in sight always, delighting in her sweet nature and innocence. She was good to stay put and didn't mind me taking lots of pictures of her.

That early December day I had trekked to the quilting store only to find it closed. Four doors down from the closed store I spotted a small place with "Tis The Season" above the door. I hopped in to see what might be there. I found myself browsing second hand Christmas decorations! hmmm not something I was in the market for, but neat little candy dish....I knew we'd be eating lots of candy~~we needed something to hold all those tasty morsels. Naw, I don't need a cute little dish, even though I do love random little dishes from second hand places. Look again....that is a darling little Christmas girl. Price on back $4.00. OK I'll take it! The elderly gentleman running the store was very appreciative of my purchase. Happy customer. This is how the little Christmas girl came to be at my house.

Take Care. ~D Spack~


Judy said...

That is really cute, I like her.

Anonymous said...

What darling baby blankets. Who ever gets one of them is really lucky.