Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Quiet Book Revisited

I've made three three! quiet books in my lifetime, one of them twice (quiet book makeover). I guess that makes sense - one for each of my children (cheerin' as my dad calls them). Contained herein this post are pictures of the most recent...for the Crump family of Waddell, AZ. Blonde friend and I feverishly labored together, more enjoyable that way and can share in the supplies and materials.
A video was posted way back when, but disappeared, soooo here are pictures - for the record.
Fun to do!

This last page was not my idea, but such a good one. I felt sheepish putting my picture in, but was talked into it... :) glad I did.
Take Care!


Nancy said...

Still love it and so does K! But did I tell you the O's are missing? No idea where they could be, even checked the church lost and found a couple times:(

Kar said...

What a wonderful present for a little one. Beautiful job Diane! : )

Judy said...

Awe, that is too cute Di!