Saturday, July 7, 2012


A home tour...where?....small small! town Idaho, Oakley, Idaho that is...

Most of these homes are old structures with updated interiors.

This one below is the old elementary school!

Brick, brick lovely brick.

So quaint.

Close up of the home above. In most of these homes, the kitchen is in the back of the house.

This one had two or three additions over the decades, of housing several generations of the same family.

The grey structure below, was the local creamery/cheese factory in it's former life. Now it is a summer home to the owners. Occasionally, during the off season, I am fortunate enough to stay here. It is usually for girls' weekends, and boy do we have a great time! Thanks Nicole!

Here is a side view of this beauty.
All this in a small mile radius in small town Idaho! (I toured these homes with my dear brother in law, who has since passed. This is a good memory with him, he was patient while I took pictures. I miss him so.)
Take Care.~~~


Nancy said...

Looks like you figured out your spacing issues. These homes are pretty great, and I enjoyed staying at the creamery too.

karen c. said...

He was always patient. He was proud of Oakley and probably loved touring with you. Oakley is full of history, and you know you want to live here!!!

Di~ said...

Uuuh I'm thinkin' we're gettin' you outta there ASAP!

Mama Pea said...

Great houses? Do you live in Idaho? I used to live in Pocatell.