Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get With The Program!

OK, these are blocks for quilt group friends. I wasn't behind, just stockpiled pictures. This blue and green number is for Lenette, my blonde friend.
Robyn C. wants cream/ bright red blocks, I was rebellious and let the cream dominate.
This block for Monica ended up 13 inches! huh? Blocks are to be 12.5 unfini. what to do...?
More squares, but they are raw edge. Kathi wants blocks with raw edge elements.
We've been doing the Pizza Box exchange for 9 months. Previous blocks for the others, I've done the Maverick Star roughly following Jacquie's Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial, adapting it to a 12.5 inch block.
I'll be back again...SOON!
Take Care~~


Judy said...

Those are beautiful Di...I went to your link and man you gals have been busy...There is some beautiful sewing over there.

Allie said...

They're gorgeous - love the red/cream combo, and that you let the cream dominate! Good to see you posting, girl!

Nancy said...

The raw edged one is my fav. And what is with finished blocks being the wrong size. I mean you measure multiple times, cut very carefully, take very precise seams and still the block turns out to big or small. I think we should blame it on the Evil Quilt Gnomes. But wait you don't believe in mythical creatures.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, it looks like you've been busy -- they're all beautiful. Not sure what to do about the too big block -- other than a do-over. Ouch!

amandajean said...

I love all your blocks! Such nice variety. Block exchanges can be fun, can't they?