Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Blonde Friend

Whelp! she did it. Blonde Friend won a quilt! While shop hopping to a few places here in western Idaho, we put our names in for the drawing at Quilt Expressions for their shop hop quilt and ...yup, lo and behold, Blonde Friend, who says that I win everything and she never does~~DID~! Here she is with her lovely quilt. Honestly, it was the prettiest one we saw, plus the other shops weren't even giving away an item as 'big' as a quilt. Years ago, my guy won a barbeque grill(a nice one). Blonde friend's guy called it our ill gotton grill. Hmmm, I wonder, should I make her feel guilty by calling her quilt an ill gotton quilt??? nope. I wouldn't do such a thing, especially involving something so lovely and her tender feelings.

oops that cupcake is upside down!

Karen, the shop owner is showing the back of the quilt. (I think that fabric is a Heather Bailey print.) Blonde friend is on the right.

Isn't she blonde...err ...a ...I mean cute!
Take Care~~


Judy said...

What a lucky gal...That is beautiful!

Jackie said...

Very lucky!! What a beautiful quilt!

Nancy said...

Does your "blonde friend" mind that you call her blonde? The quilt is so bright. What is she going to do with it?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Blondie did great. Ill gotten or not. It is delightful. Good for her and you on the grill.

Karen c. said...

I feel it a privilege to know blondie!