Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Candy Bar Story

Candy Bar Story for a Happy Birthday to the Brettmister from Engineer Sister.
Supplies Needed: Two sheets of sturdy paper and tape.
Whatchamacalit candy bar
100,000 Grand candy bar
5 gum pack
Nutrageous candy bar
Good and Plenty box
Pack of Sweetarts
Mounds candy bar
Big Hunk candy bar
text: It's Brett's {whatchamacalit}! Oh yeah, his birthday! Well, I wish I could give him {100,000 grand} but instead, I'm just going to tell him {pack of 5 gum} reasons why I like him. First, Brett can be pretty {nutrageous}(change the nut to out) and crazy. But he can be {good and plenty} kind. In fact a lot of times he's a real {Sweetart}(add an h). Really he's {mounds} of fun and I think he is a {big hunk}. I hope he has a smashing birthday! Love,
Does this make sense? This is just an idea of what one could do. Of course, all of you could probably come up with great ideas also. I think these are fun for teenagers that might be hard to buy for. These were popular quite a while ago. I haven't seen many of late, I think I'll keep this idea in mind. As you can see from the picture it was appreciated. Brett notice that she used U.S. postal service tape. Let me know what good ideas you come up with for a Candy Bar Story!
Take Care~~


Nedra said...

I remember those Candy Bar stories. My son just got asked to a dance with one recently, also. It's been years since I've seen them, and now two in a row.

Nancy said...

Mmmm... I could go for a Big Hunk right now... don't tell Trav.

Judy said...

That was a cute story...Did he share?

jacquie said...

that is so great...haven't seen these for a LONG time...wonder if i could do one for jon's graduation.

amber_waves05 said...

Yes! A candy bar engineer!

bonnie said...

i have never heard of this, but what a great idea. i will have to try this.