Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tagged Guilt

In past days, I was tagged but didn't respond at the time, here goes now:
Some things about me that perhaps, some of you might relate to:

!. The smell of the Sweet Pea flower is a very distinct 'blast from the past' for me. I can still see them all happily growing along the back side of the garage.

@. I love the smell of lit off Firecrackers!

#. The first real sewing I took on was sewing jeans for my husband. Remember the Sea Farer jeans? He was on his last pair, and they were not being made anymore, so I took a class, slipped the pattern and made several pair for him. Sea Farers were the best jeans on any guy. I remember my *brothers wearing them. I was so happy that, as a newly married, I could make jeans for my hard working law student husband and keep him comfortable.
*I have three awesome brothers that I adore and miss (Colorado) miss (Utah) miss (Eastern Idaho). They are the funniest guys. It is such a joy to be with them 'cause we are "on the same page"!!! My kids love them too!

$. White linens for me, especially towels.

%. Last summer, I had a spot of skin cancer by my eye removed. I ended up with the best black eye a girl could wish for on her 50th birthday.

^. Right now my favorite rock and roll song is by Coldplay, Viva la Vida. (oh it's on right now, excuse me while I rock out for a sec.)

&. One of my all time favorite religious songs is a hymn entitled, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. (My husband plays it on his guitar.)

*. My feet NEVER stink.

(. My face sweats A LOT! (got that from mom)

). I was skinny when I was young.

_. I love having a baby around the house and those toddler years, my favorite ages. I love doing all the baby care stuff. Would like to have "one" all the time. (but I know I'd be tired)

+. Peanut M&Ms and red Nibs are the best combination! try it!

~. I'd love to go to Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia and related points someday.

OK, enough about me, what's going on with you???
Take Care.
~D Spack~


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You are still skinny Diane. Fun stuff all of it. Its so wonderful how we are all so much the same but so different too!

Kim said...

Diane thanks for wanting to add me to your favorites list. It's been really fun for me and Nanette created a monster in me. My kids sometimes tease me about blogging too much. I love it so I'm going to keep doing it.

It was fun to read this post and get to know you a bit more. How do you know Nanette? She and I have been in the same quilt group in Alpine for many years now.

i'm kelly said...

i love reading tags & getting to know you better. as for your question, coldplay was AWESOME! loved every minute of it.

Cheryl said...

I love Coldplay also!!! Always fun to learn about each other.

Karen said...

Doug was trying to get me to listen to a Coldplay song while he was talking to me the other day. I wasn't quite hearing it. He said Dan is a Coldplay fan. Hmmm. Little coincidence. I had never heard of them before that.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Ever since reading Annne of Green gables - i have wanted to go to Prince Edward Island too! I am with you onthe white lines - not that practical but lovely.

Nancy said...

Do you think we have things in common because we are mother-daughter, or do you think we have things in common because I learned them from you? Maybe both. But I like peanut M&Ms with nibs, white linens (especially sheets) and I sure wish I could sew some jeans for T.

~D Spack~ said...

Is there anyone on this earth that could answer that question? ...really give a for sure answer? I doubt it.
Thanks everyone for your fun comments here, and since Nanette said it, I do believe I am skinny-again! :)