Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas~New and Different

Don't you just miss Christmas? I sure do. The glorious time went by way way too fast. Several years ago we simplified Christmas. Even though at the time, we only had 2 children, I just felt too busy and tired. My guy decided that we didn't have to attend every event we received invitations for, in the evenings; I decided not to send Christmas cards; homemade goodie plates for friends and neighbors were time consuming and costly. By the time I got cookies rolled cut and frosted, fudge fudged and nuts roasted, I was exhausted. Delivering them was my guy's least favorite thing to do, so of course I didn't have support on that...eventually, we simplified Christmas! These were good moves. As the girls got older, I always had their help, that was a very good part of celebrating. Now when they come home, they bring their guys, that doubles the pleasure and the help! Yeah! We even have time to do a little sewing.

I spotted this "JOY!" pillow last year at a commercial Christmas shop, promptly took a picture of it with my cell phone and proceeded to make a replica of it. I completed it before Christmas! Making covered buttons makes me giddy. The pillow in the store had a darling edging of feathery boa like trim, I was not able to find anything like that in the stores, so I just went with red rick rack. Not having a pattern to work from, this was a careful as you go/methodical project. I was pleased that it worked out!
Simplifying Christmas offers opportunities for new and different. I love love love cake plates. The one pictured here didn't hold a cake this year, but I had a spur of the moment decorating idea: put those old vintage tree ornaments in the lid! It was new and different! I wanted to have a few unique and unknown items around when the couples came home. I accomplished that without spilling the beans and showing any sneak peeks. Another new and different was name cards at the table for our meals. Jacquie at TallgrassPrairieStudio inspired me on that one.
Take Care.


Nancy said...

The cake plate looked awesome! And I'm a bit green over that cute snowflake fabric, wishing I had it on the back of my tree skirt. I like the rick rack better than the boa, so good choice there.

Judy said...

What a cool idea with the cake plate...and you can change it with each holiday. I'm going to drag that cake plate of mine out of it's hiding place in the pantry, Valentine's Day is fast approaching.
I love the pillow. I've been making some blocks for the Siggy Swap I'm in...and I'm finding it's loads of fun. Each morning I wake up and wonder which project I want to do.

Nanette Merrill said...

I put some vintage ornaments I found at the last moment into a cut glass bowl, it was lovely! Good for you. I really simplified this year and it made a huge difference. I usually hate Christmas because it is so hard.

Anonymous said...

New and different, but also traditional coming home to Christmas. And I vote yes on the alternative to the boa.

Thimbleanna said...

What an adorable pillow -- I love projects like that. I LOVE the ric rac touch too.

jacquie said...

i love that you are posting about christmasy things...love the pillow and the ornaments. that's a great idea.